A call to women: January Group Mentorship: Truth Cultivation & Activation

Honestly, it’s not always without risk to tell your personal truth.

I’m sure you can think of times in your life where it came with consequences. Big losses.

I definitely can.

There were times when I told my Soul’s truth and was called “too much.” Other times where I was criticized for using my intuition instead of my logic. And perhaps the most scary, times when I lost relationships for knowing what I knew and voicing it.

Of course, at the time, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. I actually would always be getting myself into some kind of trouble for my big mouth and what I thought, all too often, was, “What is wrong with me?”

Nothing. There is nothing wrong with me for having a personal truth and living it. And there is nothing wrong with you for wanting to honor the truth that is in side of you.

Sister, I am so sorry that we live in a world where we are taught to second guess this.

I’m more confident now, but telling my truth is sometimes still risky business. I still feel the nervousness that we so commonly feel as women. For damn sure. I’m also just here to make sure that we have opportunities to stop denying ourselves. ;)

This past weekend, I was in NYC for Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Experience. When she asked how many women have ever been called “too much,” I don’t think there was a woman who did not raise her hand. When she asked “Who here has ever been criticized for being too emotional instead of logical,” again, nearly every hand went up.

Women, we collectively carry these accusations, and we believe that they are our own. We carry them as silent burdens, internalizing judgements and spending sometimes our whole lives wondering if we’re crazy to have a different truth inside of us.

This world has repressed the feminine, and in turn, women. We have grown up to think that we are out of place, that we have to keep a lid on who we truly are, that to be successful equates to career and what kind of cupboard your Cuisinart lives in inside what kind of house.

There is a truth inside of you that you reserve for maybe your closest girlfriends, or maybe no one even knows this truth. Maybe you’re silent. There is a dream that you are stopping yourself from. There is a “toning down” that exists within you, and instead you’ve put your energy into succeeding. Busy-ing. Doing.

I know. I have been there. And for many, many reasons, I set out to do something different. And you know what my big, hollering-at-me WHY was when I set out to create Embodied Breath? To live the Soul’s truth, and to encourage you to do the same.

It is, at times, a scary ride - to tell your Soul’s truth. It is risky. I’m not going to lie or bullshit you about the risk. And here’s what I’ll say - you risk perceived safety, but you gain your Soul.

When I ask women what they want, many can not answer. It’s a process to discover it. Hell, when I ask myself what I want, I still have to walk myself through a process to first give myself permission to have a desire, and then to hear what that little gem of a wish even is deep down inside of me. And THEN, to act on it!? To believe I can have it!? That is the delicious opportunity I’m offering to you. To hear it. To know it. To snuggle up close to that gem you uncover.

I am looking for women who are ready, so ready - like “can’t stand another year of mediocrity and not honoring myself” ready - to join me on January 4th, 2019 as we begin the Women’s Voice: Activation & Cultivation group coaching & mentorship. It will provide you with a safe container to cultivate, hear, and honor your personal truth. You can decide what to do with that truth. You can decide how risky to get. This first step is a safe container, among other women and with me, to hear what that little voice inside of you is saying.

She’s your Soul, woman. Let. Her. Out. 🔥🔥🔥

The biggest risk, I promise you, I PROMISE you, is never taking any action, any allegiance with your Soul, at all.

If you are interested in this group, email me now to reserve your spot. See “services” page of website.


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