A client story...

Meet Kara.
Kara is a lovely and hardworking woman, slightly frustrated on the surface with her work situation, but underneath, she is buzzing with a constant worry and anxiety that seems to be occupying increasing amounts of brain space and spare moments - and she doesn't have a lot of spare moments. The slight frustration is the manifestation of some serious worry, a fast-paced lifestyle, and pressure - she doesn't even really know where all the pressure comes from - it just ALWAYS seems to be there. Kara has been working to MAKE IT at her company for a while, and the (mostly male) competition is fierce and she feels it. She feels like she needs to keep up, be available, relate to the guys, and still rock it as a mother of two.

Kara finds Sarah.

Unfortunately, Kara didn't really have anyone to confide in. She was visiting a therapist periodically, an acupuncturist every now and again, and these things helped, but she had a difficult time integrating any lasting change. Kara wanted a lifestyle shift. She couldn't quit her job right now, though she dreamed changing to a more passionate career in the future, and she knew that there HAD to be more than just the unsatisfying grind. She knew she used to be a passionate woman, but this depletion and constant worry were causing her to have actual medical symptoms.

She wanted a lifestyle change, she wanted to feel stronger, encouraged, and remember who she was before she got so busy.

On her intro call, Kara immediately knew she could be herself with Sarah. The two hit it off, Kara got to state exactly her main goals for a lifestyle shift, for greater satisfaction, and to do something about the constant worry and monkey mind. She was nearly at her wit's end. She learned about mindfulness and breath-based awareness from Sarah, and decided to DEDICATE herself to the process so that she could change the course of her life.

Kara and Sarah created a daily routine that was both practical and powerful for Kara's specific schedule. Since worry and overwhelm were definitely all consuming for Kara, and since she was a mother, Sarah and Kara brought these two focuses to the forefront of the work, so that Kara began seeing results quickly.

She lost her temper far less often with her children. The time she did spend together with her children after work seemed to be happier - they were enjoying one another more rather than stressing about too little time in a day to get it all done. Kara's focus on life shifted from "not enough time" and "I don't know how to make it work" to feelings of satisfaction, confidence, and clarity. In this way, she was able to even tap into what she really desires from life - beyond the overwhelm and beyond the daily grind.

The skills and shifts are long lasting, applicable long after Kara is finished the three month relationship with Sarah. She is resilient, emotionally stable, and empowered!

March 2018