Enough is only a baseline.

Stop it. Just stop.

Inside, there is a thought loop about how you are not enough. How do I know? Every woman, unless they've done a shit load of personal work, has one. There are likely multiple thought loops about how you are not enough.

What is prompting this blog post at this time is because I just got a phone call from a woman working late, and she said to me, "Oh I don't have a life." What?! Stop it.

Why this post at this time? Because this concept is needed. Every day. Everywhere.

I thought my entire blog was going to be called Enough Is Only A Baseline when I started Embodied Breath. Because really, everything comes down to this.

We live in a culture that perpetuates lack. If that feels like a big unwieldy statement to you, let me try again, because I want to start saying this as many ways as possible. We are told, from a very young age, to be more. Succeed. Go out and GET (education, husband, babies, high paying job...) in order to BE (successful, worthy, talented, enough...). Enough.

Women feeling unworthy heard on high.

I'm here to be of service in shifting this paradigm. You do not have to go out and get anything in order to be amazing, feel amazing, and know at your core that you are amazing. You do not need anyone else's validation.

Can you imagine that feeling??

Let's be really clear here - you kick complete and total ass on a daily basis. You raise children and worry about every single decision you make in raising them. You likely worked and made sure every family member was fed, made sure your children did their homework well, and cleaned the cat litter. Who else is going to clean the cat litter?

You might be doing it alone. You might be a mom in a house without a dad. I see you.

You might be worried sick about your child. If this is the case, you are most likely criticizing yourself. Wondering where you made a wrong parenting move or what you can do next to right the wrongs.

You are carrying so much weight. Weight that isn't always validated. I see you.

You've forfeited your own satisfaction (I'm talking about deep satisfaction), your ideal career, your preferences.

And you still don't feel like you've been doing enough. Yeah. I see you.

I was you. Sometimes I still am.

We end up in perpetual states of striving. We end up sick. We end up a little bit broken until we realize - I AM ENOUGH! And we start to reclaim it. And then, oh, and then, something beautiful happens. Something magical. Something the world needs. You realize, yes, I am enough, and enough is only a baseline.

You are so much more than enough.

Don't feel it yet? Let me help you. My women's resiliency coaching is built upon my experiences as a woman rising from "not enough" mentality to embodied, satisfied, wise, and joyful. (Pause here. I am talking about walking around joyful in most moments. Yeah.)

Where are you striving so damn hard that it's killing you?

The tools are accessible. The habits, though not always easy, in time become pleasurable.

What's beyond "enough?" Oh. Women. There is so much beyond just enough.And it has been in you all along. It is not difficult to find - you just need to give yourself permission. It is my pleasure to assist you in your remembering of what you previously abandoned in the quest to enough.

Stop it.

Let's start a new belief system, new habits, new emotional experiences - a new paradigm of possibilities - now.

(Nov. 2017)