I feel we might be close.

Over a year ago, I started a blog with the above title: I Feel We Might Be Close. It was titled in homage to that question that so many of us are innocently and silently asking ourselves, and one I asked myself for years. Am I enough yet?

Am I good enough yet? Are my ideas strong enough yet? Do I have enough credentials or experience yet?

Yeah, I was working that one out for quite some time. Bless this complex journey we're all living. You see, I'm someone that looks at every little thing as having meaning. I'm investigative and meditative. I'm both an activist and active acceptor. I want to shake shit up toward a healthy direction, and I want to allow things to take their own shape. But, if you're going to know me, you should know that I will feel and analyze just about everything, but that's okay, it's actually a strength. ;)

That's why the journey has been so rich - because I LIVE it. That's why I'm here today, beginning to share with you this concept of Embodied Breath and way of life that I've come to, and only could have come to, through an intentional path - one where I learned so much about acceptance, trust, and how every little bit of us is actually so much more than just "enough."

I also toyed with the name Enough is Only a Baseline for the public blog and business. But, alas, that was during the rolling around of the ideas phase.

So here it was, time to launch this thing I believe in, and guess what I was doing!

"It's not complete enough... No, the website isn't developed enough... I don't have all of the product developed yet.... I don't even have a price structure established.... it's not perfect yet."

Ah, hey old patterns!

And that's when I heard myself. And you all may not know me yet, but I have a story I'll tell you over time about "enough" and "perfect" and how all that nonsense lead to adrenal collapse and soon after, a soul revolution. And when I heard myself say this old bit about this new endeavor, in which I actually believe wholeheartedly, I couldn't not launch this delicate and new baby bird of a business, a LIFE PATH. Because you know what? I built this nest.

Just like each of you, who learned something after each little (or big) fall down, we learn. We rise. And then we fall again. And if we're lucky, we have some people who believe in us. And we keep going.

And we are close. And we are ever-closer. And you know what? We are actually here, where close and now and enough converge, if we allow for it. We are presently here, living in a body, having an experience, that in this moment is everything there is, and is everything from which you can make your next move. There is so much value and worth in that.

May Embodied Breath provide some encouragement - to take us ever closer to healing the perceived gap that so many of us presently know between inadequacy and worth, between close and enough, between perfectionism and satisfaction.



(Written June 2017)