Balancing the Work & the Woo

If there’s one thing I have learned in my first two years of entrepreneurial life, it’s that you have to balance the work with the woo. The woo with the work.

I have a fifteen year career behind me in education. During that time, I brought a lot of innovation to the teams, schools, and classrooms I worked on. And, during that time, I always also felt as though the job, by nature, required me to suppress parts of myself - like intuition, my own truth, and spirituality. There were rules, structures, and state guidelines within which we were required to work.

And I’m not a fit-in-the-box kind of gal, and so I eventually left to create my own business. And to be transparent, the transition between a former career, one that you have a lot of papers and letters behind your name to back up, and standing in your next iteration of your own creation takes a minute.

It’s worth it.

During the last few years of my education career, I took a lot of trainings that I didn’t quite know how I’d use, but they called to me. Like three levels of reiki training. And so in my last year as a school principal, when I’d created a school for kids with Autism, I was talking to these high school kids about their interest in the ten dimensions of reality from a scientific perspective, meanwhile I explored the ten dimensions of reality in my own life from a spiritual perspective, meanwhile I volunteered at a nonprofit as a reiki practitioner for moms of kids with Autism. I had no idea how it one day might all come together.

I tell this story because many entrepreneurs are called to something before they take the leap. Trust your instincts. I now run a business where I am able to bring in information from all the “dimensions,” and merge all the skills I’ve compiled professionally and personally. I have created a spiritual and energetic business that absolutely changes lives in the physical day to day life. It is a formal and effective balance of all of my interests.

I recently gave a TEDx on balancing the Feminine and the Masculine as a path to wholeness, and in it, I talked about feminine/masculine work flow. This applies here.

I’d say that my interest in intuition, embodiment, energy work, personal freedom falls into the “feminine archetype” category. And I’d say that my interest in making money, establishing effective structures for my programs, creating systems for scheduling and financial flow, and having clear coaching programs fall into the “masculine archetype” category. Everyone has both archetypes within them, and we can consciously balance them as well as bring them into our workflow, creation, and leadership practices.

When I wanted so badly to be able to exercise freedom as an entrepreneur, and I leapt from my career eager to be able to incorporate the “woo” - the energy work, the flow, the flexibility, the intuition - into my work, I’d say I swung the pendulum toward the feminine. And then I had to allow it to swing back toward the middle.

Because you have to balance the woo with the work. I’m not directly equating feminine with woo, I’m more or less being cheeky with words. It’s more complex with that.

But with entrepreneurial freedom does not come only freedom. Magic does occur, however, sitting and wishing for it alone doesn’t make it happen. I live in Asheville, NC, where entrepreneurs commonly think that magic alone will create their ideal business. Not so.

Learning to balance the two - getting quiet, hearing intuition, setting intentions (feminine) with clear action, focused goals, and smart boundaries (masculine) is absolutely key to effectively creating anything or leading any team of any size.

Learn to balance the work with the woo. The woo with the work. Both are required for strong creation. We are innovators. Thought leaders. We model holistic approaches that incorporate the science and the spirit, the soul and the service.

You are needed. The whole of you. Reach out if you’re ready for this level of integration in your creation. I’m happy to support.


TEDx not yet released at the time of this blog post. Stay tuned!