Mindful Coaching

I coach through a lens of mindfulness. Let me explain what that means.

All the time, we have flitty little thoughts in our heads, repetitive thoughts, resistant thoughts. Most people have repressed emotions that feed these habitual thoughts.

AND, here’s the thing. These habits of mind that you have are absolutely instrumental in whether or not you are able to create the changes in your life you are looking for. If you’ve got the hamster wheel of thought, emotion, reaction - we need to witness that before moving forward.

You can pick these things apart intellectually. It’s an option. But it's ineffective in the long haul. You can figure something out and say, "That's it! I'm done with THAT now!" only to have that very thing come back again and again.

When you work with me, we are going to witness what arises, and with the breath, with a gentle mindfulness practice (and other tools I’ll introduce to you), we will actually INTEGRATE what arises.

What? If it’s difficult, why would we integrate it?

Because what you resist will chase you forever.

Read that last sentence again.

Most people are running from what is chasing them, from what has happened to them, or from the patterns that went into play after a traumatic event. It’s real.

It all needs to be felt, witnessed, moved through. 

And here's another fantastic tidbit - if something is coming up for you, then it IS the thing that is ready to be healed. 

And when we’re ready to stop living with the suffering of the hamster wheel of habit, we have options. My services are but one available to you.

Mindfulness allows you to sit with what is difficult, come out of that frightened brain, and to live a more grounded and embodied, less frenetic, wholly inspired life. This is the basis of my individual work, couples work, group work. We BREATHE so that we can regulate into our own experience and speak/live/BE from a centered place.

Doesn’t that sound appealing?

My services are mindfulness-based, but that’s not all we do. Oh no. It IS, however, where we start. From there, once you notice what arises and stop running from it, you are so much more naturally able to integrate, cope, and embody resilience in your daily life. I use other tools, body-based awareness, and a lot of encouragement and actualization exercises to stretch and grow you into the next level of your better self.

I love that so many people are currently hungry for change. I love that I get to be of service when you are ready. Honestly, there is nowhere I’d rather be.

The things you know you need to address that scare you - they don’t scare me. You can be scared, but the gold and glory of hiring a coach is that I HOLD THAT SPACE FOR YOU to have your experience, AND, I will encourage you to grow. Safely. At the next level appropriate for YOU, individually.

We start with the breath, with mindfulness, and then we RISE into our true potential.

I'm interested in hearing from you. How does this land? What are you interested in changing in your daily life? Maybe it's your mindset, maybe it's that nagging anxiety, maybe it's your relationship with your spouse.

Set up a free 30 minute call with me at the link below to discuss how mindfulness-based coaching might be right for you!

Much love, 


Sit down, then rise up.

I totally stole this title. It's a slogan for something online I saw - don't remember what - but I repeat the slogan to myself and find a great deal of inspiration in it. Sit down, then rise up. Sit down, gather yourself, breathe, and then, be of service in the world.

All around us, there are causes - causes to fight and causes to cure. Things to stand up for, indeed, really worthy things. Since the election of You Know Who, I've been watching so many of those I love keep standing up, keep fighting, keep using their voices. I think, "bless them" and I don't know what the answer is. They seem tired and worn.

This comes with a little true story.

My body, it's been through some fight. It's been through some flight. So, the notion of continuing to rise up and stand up for another cause specifically in a fighting stance, well, I don't care to do that anymore. At one point, a few years ago, I couldn't do that anymore. My adrenals had tuckered out and my body couldn't metabolize stress. I was so out of balance that I was knocked on my ass. The lifelong fighter literally had to rest. The pendulum had swung in a direction I wasn't used to. I had always had more energy, and I always had more fight left in me. Until I didn't, which really turned out to be a good thing!

So many of us, and I use a collective "us" with intention here, SO many of us are taxed from the inside out. We are walking around in beat-up nervous systems and just downing another coffee and calling on the adrenaline to get us through another day. Another fight, dare I say it. Dare I equate so much of what we do to the essence of a struggle. I just did.

I've got so much to say on this topic and over time, I'll say more. I'm not telling you what to do here - I'm not an answer-giver, I'm a thought-seed-planter.

Where can we choose to sit down before rising up?

Where can we insert some breaths, or even a few minutes on our asses before we are falling on them, just to collect ourselves? Maybe it's before we turn on social media. Before we read the news. Before we blast our opinion into the world.

Where are we bringing a fight when maybe we could be bringing a softer part of ourselves, and in turn, be heard as we disassemble a polarized rhetoric as we present our piece with a calm unfamiliar to many?  Imagine for a moment, if instead of speaking with fervor about your most impassioned topic, you spoke with a soft tone. Conversationally, your intention to tone-down would actually most likely cause the other to tune in.

Before we act, we must pause. Any way good intention is being brought, by all means, bring it. I'm just saying, before we rise, a good sit is a good idea. It's where we touch base with our reserves, our energy stores, our innate wisdom. Imagine, people with regulated nervous systems in collaborative action... We'd change the world.