Couples Coaching

All identifications & orientations welcome.

This process was very different from any talk therapy we tried, which had not been effective for us. In our case the coaching she does has been the MOST effective thing we have done to find help in getting through the looping patterns we had occurring in our relationship. Her coaching is trauma and archetype informed. Until we worked with Sarah, my husband and I really didn’t realize how much past traumas and archetype patterns were playing out in our dynamics and hindering us from moving forward.
— Client

What if you could heal old destructive patterns in your relationship & embody and experience sacred connection & intimacy in 12 weeks?

You can. As your relationship coach, I can help.

You want authentic connection. You want love restored. You want to move beyond co-existing into a deeper and more intimate Union.

You want your love life with your partner to blow your damn mind.

You want to light up the rest of the world with how much the two of you are lit up.

I would like to help you go from an old, unconscious, default version of relationship into an evolved, conscious, satisfied, partnership. This is possible. Even if you think your relationship might be over.

This could actually RESTORE your relationship. Because I can help you to establish a different way of relating.

This takes two. Well, actually, it takes three. The two of you willingly coming to the table, and me. I am your clear mirror. I see your blind spots. Couples are often telling me that I see what they live every day but could not see.

I want to help you see and consciously greet your patterns. You are coming to me because you value your relationship. I do too. I think that conscious union actually changes the entire planet, but let’s start first with you two and your family.


When mindful tools (such as observation, heart-centered compassion, emotional awareness, conscious communication) are applied to relationships, a lot can happen, because each person is more emotionally regulated! You need to learn to genuinely calm and care for yourself before you can learn to successfully communicate and get your needs met.

I have a map for building connection. And it's damn effective. 

We start with independent, parallel coaching where each member of the partnership learns to closely notice their own patterns of reactivity. In this way, we avoid finger pointing and move toward compassion more easily. We then move into distinguishing why we want what we want, establishing effective communication (I have a different method for this), and practicing non-judgement, forgiveness, and mirroring concepts. And, of course, there’s more. The result is a powerful connection you've not experienced in quite some time... or ever. 

These tools will evolve your relationship. And you, personally. You will find yourselves MUCH more willing to love without condition, much more open to honoring one another’s personal truth, and meeting your goals as a couple.

I also work with you somatically, which means we watch how the body is responding in times of vulnerability, and that gives us many clues about the quality of connection. You can heal trauma patterns that are stored in the body through safe relationship & union. It’s quite profound.

We work online, meeting via Zoom video conference at your convenience. You sign up for my program, which means you get ongoing access to me for 90 days, where I’m fully available to support and respond to your needs. Current rates listed here. If you could invest now, heal your patterns, and deepen your connection in what you hope will be the relationship that lasts a lifetime, would you do it? That’s how profound this is!

In the first session, she honed right in on the core issues for each of us, individually and together. She is insightful and not afraid to follow her instincts. She has a really amazing basket of tools that she can draw from, and the exercises that she had us do together were powerful. We are still doing them.
— Client

Evolutionary Love:

We are in an interesting time, historically. We’ve collectively decided (celebrate!) that the repression of all things feminine just won’t do. Women are rising up and both men and women are unsure what this means. I want to help couples take their relationships, based in an old-paradigm relationship dynamic, into next-level love. Actualized. I call this evolutionary love and conscious union. It’s when two independent Souls honor one another, allow space for the authenticity of one another, and also are committed to growing together.

90 days with me will change your lives. It will take your relationship from good to great. It will take your sex from “meh” to “HOLY WOW.” You will find the JOY and the divine within your partnership.

At first I just thought that you were a woman who could vibe with the masculine. But then I realized that what you really do is translate between the energies. (1).png

And because Soul Union isn’t always forever, I work with couples who are seeking a conscious separation and I support the entire family:

Your relationship may have high tendencies of blame, miscommunication and misunderstanding, volatility, and disappointment. You may be going round and round about the same issues with your partner. You love them, but don't see how this can possibly work. 

I will take you from disdain to cooperation. We can work together to ensure the kids will be okay, and that you don’t have to spend the next ten years in hostility.

If you and your partner are mutually willing to allow my guidance, I will go to the difficult places with you in a way that few others ever would. Honoring that relationships are sacred, that children are often involved, and that much is at stake, I coach couples with fairness, clarity, and reverence. Your relationship matters, and before there is more divisiveness, stuckness, or hopelessness, contact me. It is possible to separate consciously, with compassion and forgiveness actively at play by the time we’re complete.

I will also work with you on parenting and establishing family meetings during this difficult time.

As a couple's coach, I combine archetypal principles of masculine/feminine dynamics and my ability to see the whole picture, and I provide a deep-level analysis and reflection. All of my coaching is responsive and specific to each couple’s needs. I sit with you as you practice these new skills & conversations and integrate them into your relationship.

Your relationship becomes more conscious and connected as a result of our combined efforts.

You will not believe what’s possible. It’s so powerful. Spend three months with me and see what your relationship is really made of.

My couple's program is twelve weeks, with a commitment made up front. I coach each of you and your relationship. You let me IN, and as you allow yourself to trust me and the process, you experience healing, freedom, clarity, and connection. 

A consult is required for this work. I look forward to meeting you. 

Let's get started.


Private 2-day couples intensives

Private 2-day intensives for couples are available now, one on one, with me. My undivided attention, reflection, and heartfelt determination focused on you for two days. 

During the day, we navigate guided exercises together. By 4:00, I leave you to enjoy your wooded retreat and connect with your partner. 

During our time together, we dive deep. We jumpstart your connection, foster deep communication skills, heal relationship trauma, safely explore areas of disconnection & fear, and I intuitively guide you in somatic exercises that deepen healing and connection between the two of you. 

By the end of the two days, you will have a much deeper understanding of your partner, their needs, and how to interact successfully with them. You will have been heard and felt understood by your partner. You will feel an increased sense of safety in your relationship, and you will know how to provide this for your relationship. You will understand how the feminine and masculine energies are playing out in your relationship, have new understanding of your partner, and learn new ways to communicate effectively with them. 

Prices starting at $8000 for two days, completely customized. 

Retreat cabin site here. Contact me before booking to assure availability and alignment. I need to speak with you and your partner both before confirming. Thank you. 

*While I am very interested in working with the archetypal notions of masculine & feminine, I do not discriminate whatsoever with any client, individual or couple, based on gender, sexual preference, or identification with any binary. I work with humans and the human soul. 

My husband and I decided to work with Sarah as a couple to help us through some looping patterns we just couldn’t talk our way through. When we started working with Sarah she taught us how to take a pause, explore where we were both coming from, and then rather than talk our way through our looping patterns, we learned how to feel what the emotions were behind the patterns. When we approached the issues we were having through a feeling process, rather than just talking it out, we were able to move THROUGH the looping pattern and find answers and resolution.

We now feel like we have been able to move past the looping patterns we had going on for years. We walked away with tools and resources that have continued to enable us to grow as individuals and as a couple. We are grateful to be in a place where we feel like we are connected again at a soul level and we have a renewal of intimacy as a couple.”
— Testimonial