Retreats & Events

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I am a space holder. I design curricula with growth experiences and integration in mind.  I understand systems and I love to create mindful coherence.

In my events, workshops, and retreats, you will be seen and heard.

In my events, you will experience insight and gain tools for personal transformation and growth. As a professional educator all those years, growth mindset and emotional introspection were at the core of my approach, which I bring to all of my groups now. As a former special educator, I know that one size does not fit all.

You have specific needs. Whether you are looking to build a culture of mindfulness in your group or organization, with adults or children, men or women, I will customize a workshop to meet your needs. 

You're a change maker, like me. I like that about you. 

What would you like to explore? 


Potential workshop topics include:

  • Mindfulness implementation & integration

  • Emotional regulation & resilience

  • Breath techniques & body awareness

  • Trauma informed care practices

  • Adolescents & mindfulness

  • Women & stress

  • Relationships, communication, healthy exchange

  • Embodied wisdom

  • Personal storytelling writing workshops

  • Conscious parenting

  • Masculine/feminine balance

  • Men & hidden shame


Private 2-day couples intensives

Private 2-day intensives for couples are available now, one on one, with me. My undivided attention, reflection, and heartfelt determination focused on you for two days. 

During the day, we navigate guided exercises together. By 4:00, I leave you to enjoy your wooded retreat and connect with your partner. 

During our time together, we dive deep. We jumpstart your connection, foster deep communication skills, heal relationship trauma, safely explore areas of disconnection & fear, and I intuitively guide you in somatic exercises that deepen healing and connection between the two of you. 

By the end of the two days, you will have a much deeper understanding of your partner, their needs, and how to interact successfully with them. You will have been heard and felt understood by your partner. You will feel an increased sense of safety in your relationship, and you will know how to provide this for your relationship. You will understand how the feminine and masculine energies are playing out in your relationship, have new understanding of your partner, and learn new ways to communicate effectively with them. 

Prices starting at $8000 for two days. 

Retreat cabin site here. Contact me before booking to assure availability and alignment. I need to speak with you and your partner both before confirming. Thank you.