The Dance of the Masculine/Feminine - Biweely group begins!
to Dec 20

The Dance of the Masculine/Feminine - Biweely group begins!

The Dance of the Masculine & Feminine:
Join this new and innovative conversation! 
We have men's groups, and we have women's groups - now this, for all. 

2nd & 4th Thursdays, beginning on August 23- 6:30-8:30pm
Facilitated by Sarah Poet, Joe Tavormina, Coy Heath, and Gina Heath
For more information, email Gina at

This Bi-weekly experiential group will navigate the Universal (archetypal) masculine & feminine energies and how they are currently expressed through gender and otherwise. Together we want to co-create a new vision for the future of an actualized Masculine & Feminine consciousness. This group will provide the opportunity for deep personal growth to take place in a group setting.

$10 suggestion donation at the door

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to Nov 27

GET YOUR VOICE OUT - 4 week online group experience


I want to offer you something - real.

I want you to stop hiding - from yourself.

This group is NOT a tell-all story share. No, that can be intimidating. It’s cultivation of personal truth and voice. It is a “Can you even be honest with yourself? Do you like the company YOU keep? What is it that you want to admit to yourself, let alone to the WORLD?” reflection opportunity.

I think people hiding is about the saddest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve hidden. Plenty. Hell, I’ll probably discover next week another way I’m still hiding that today I don’t even know I am. I’m willing to admit this because, 1) vulnerability is badass, 2) growth is also badass.

This world is *HURTING* right now. Venus is in retrograde. Ford was laughed at. Men are confused. I mean… we’ve got some damn stories inside of us.

What this IS:

  • Celebrating personal truth, breathing together (as in, mindfulness meditation), and sharing from the heart once a week.

  • Regulating the nervous system so that we can hear our own TRUTH.

  • Group dynamic, once a week, for four Tuesdays in November. Personal sharing is optional.

  • You don’t even really have to be vulnerable in front of people, you just show up.

  • I teach, I do coachy things, I motivate, I send you some high-inspiring meditation recordings, and I send you with things to do between sessions. You’ll need 1.5 hours a week on the Zoom call, and any other additional time you invest will benefit you, from one hour a day to one hour a week. Your choice.

  • You write, journal style, each week between sessions. I give the prompts. You don’t even have to think about what to write about - I’ve got it all mapped out. (Lesson plans. I used to be a teacher, remember?)

  • AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO DEEPLY DISCOVER YOUR OWN TRUTH, because TRUTH is needed in order to GET YOUR VOICE OUT. Because you make time for it. Because you are also willing to get a little bit vulnerable for the sake of growth and being a badass. You might even decide to go forth and change the world with your stories.


  • This is also inexpensive, so that you say, “YES! My truth is worth THAT much!” It’s only $333 total.

  • Tuesdays, 8-9:30 PM EST live, online in November.

What this is NOT:

  • Mandatory story sharing

  • Mandatory anything. I’m pretty much all about autonomy.

  • Intense or heavy, unless your Truth goes there, then that’s your choice

  • Individual coaching. Though I do that too.

  • Idk. Let me know what you’re worried about and we’ll clear it up. This is easy, effective, and impactful.

Send $333 NOW to
Add your name and email in the “Note” section with payment.

“But I can tell you that living a lie is living half a life. It was only after telling my story that I knew happiness and freedom.” -Eve Ensler

Photography is a love affair with life..png

The WHY:

We get to experience ourselves.

We get to have our personal truths.

You can access your personal truth.

We need to honor our truths if we ever hope to really have our voices.

You can cultivate this safely and within the time limits of the modern world.

You no longer need to put yourself on hold.

You have more of a story to acknowledge than the one you are currently telling.

You get to have your whole story.

You get to give yourself permission.

You get to choose what to say and when to say it.

You get to choose which story to tell.


Money: $333

Time: 1.5 hours weekly in Zoom meeting - join from anywhere.

Zoom meetings will be recorded for you to listen to later if you are unable to attend the group call.

Daily breathing/journaling determined by your own schedule.

What you get:

All of what is implied in the above: community, permissions, space, love.

Weekly Zoom meetings with teachings, breathwork, coaching by yours truly, & optional story sharing.

Three recordings of embodied breathwork meditations/activations.

Weekly homeplay prompts.

Unlimited access to all of the above.

*No previous mindfulness/breathwork experience needed. All humans are welcome. Please pre-register.

Access to discounts on a Summer 2019 VOICE retreat.

The details:

+ No consultation. Sign up & secure your space by sending $333 now by going to
Add your name and email in the “Note” section with payment.

+ 8-9:30pm EST Tuesday evenings in Nov. 2018

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Embodied Breathwork & Journaling for Personal Truth
11:00 AM11:00

Embodied Breathwork & Journaling for Personal Truth

So many of the answers we desire can be found when we sit, embody the breath, and go inward. 

In this gentle yet inviting workshop, we will practice a series of guided mindfulness/breathwork exercises to drop out of the mind and into the body, followed by rich journaling prompts that are guaranteed to reveal deep personal truths. 

All are welcome, teen through adult.

$15 advance
$20 at door

Online Tickets:

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7:00 PM19:00

Women's Circle for Modern Day Woman - ONGOING 2/4th Wed.

Modern women, this is for you. 

You have so much going on. 
You are running businesses, working for others, raising children. 
You are navigating relationships, sometimes happily, sometimes not. 
You are aware that we are living in a #metoo era and wonder what that means in your life and means for women. 
You are potentially struggling with stress or other health concerns. 
You are intentionally raising your children. 

And you are looking for a community of women. 
This is a safe, connected opportunity for you. 

This group will hold space for all of the above. We will ground our meetings in mindful awareness, starting with breath and nervous-system regulation before exploring together the topics that we bring to the group. We ask you to refrain from snark and complaint, and instead, we'll ask you to dive more authentically into what is underneath that. This is a group of authenticity and meaning. 

All are welcome. Drop in when you can - this group is open. 
Let's bring a conversation about being a woman in today's world to the forefront of our lives. It is time.
2nd & 4th Wednesdays

($5 donation to the Purpose Collective)

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