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Women's Personal Truth Activation: Group Coaching Program

I believe that every woman has a truth they are not telling.

Every woman.

I believe that every woman has a silent exploration of heart and soul that she has touched to varying degrees, and then let go again.

I believe that in this way, every woman is carrying a silent truth, and that these truths, acknowledged, are the seeds of a more soulful, connected, honest world.

I believe that it is time we remember, listen, discover, attune, activate, and cultivate our OWN personal truth. For each of us as women.

Sister, I want to create a space for you to hear, discover, acknowledge, and honor your personal truth. For this, I have created an exclusive small group opportunity for twenty women. We begin January 3, 2019. Space is limited. Prices go up December 28, 2018.

This is a coaching, mentoring, sisterhood opportunity. You will hear your truth. You will have the opportunity to share it. You will feel empowered, seen, and heard. Most importantly, you will have acknowledged the deep truth inside of you. This is the root of all of the empowered decisions you may make throughout the upcoming year. Where you start is incredibly important. Do not make another goal, intention, or action in a direction that is not in alignment with your core truth. YOUR core truth.

In this 90 day opportunity, will explore and deeply support:

❤️ Personal truth and voice activation (Because maybe you don't know what your own Truth sounds like!)

❤️ How to safely hear & cultivate this truth

❤️ How to honor trauma meanwhile moving forward into the life you desire to live

❤️ How to explore our own balance of masculine/feminine

❤️ How to investigate our identity & choices without shame and with purpose

❤️ How to hear and honor our Soul's unique expression

❤️ True Resilience vs. Fighting

❤️ Healing stress patterns, improving physical wellbeing, healthy sexuality

❤️ Mindfulness for all of the above

❤️ Activations, meditations, and sisterhood as a catalyst for a new paradigm.

And more.

You will be so deeply supported. It will be safe. It will be just the right combo of science and "woo" (masculine/feminine!) 😉😘

This group will be powerful and transformative. It is a paid group "coaching" and mentorship program for woman who are hanging out here saying, "YES! This is the NEW WAY! I want to honor my TRUTH. But where do I stand with it?? How do I move forward?? Am I making the right relationship choices?? I want to hear and value and move forward with MY OWN TRUTH!"

I hear you. Thank you for stepping up, dear woman. This offering is in response to your call.

Let's cultivate the #Voice of the new #feminine.

Let's make 2019 that year.

Message me for more info and we'll hop on a 20 minute discovery call. Serious inquiries only. This group will move forward with dedicated women willing to look at their own habits and to cultivate their own voice. This is for women who know the time is now to do it differently. This is for women who are damn sick of being quiet and not even knowing where they stand. This is for women who want to bring a new awareness to their own WHY of relationship, career, family choices. If that's you, PM me now.

I love you,



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