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2020! The year of YOUR SACRED TRUTH: For women & their personal truth

Online, potent, life-changing women’s group coaching program.


4 months, Beginning 1.8.20

Month 1: Sacred Listening

Month 2: Sacred Truth

Month 3: Sacred Voice

Month 4: Living as an Embodied Truth Teller of Your Sacred Truth


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Deepening Connection: A Workshop for Couples w/ Sarah Poet

All the time, I see couples who love one another, live together, and even have frequent sex, but who are dissatisfied with their connection.

Is this you?

You wish you could say things you don't feel you can say?
You want to talk about a big issue and keep getting stuck?
You escalate or hide away?
You have common triggers between you that compromise connection?

You are in a pattern, and the reasons for that are legit, yet not the topic of this workshop. Without going back to hash out who did what, this workshop will MOVE YOU THROUGH A STUCK PATTERN AND TOWARD A DEEPER CONNECTION.

Whether this pattern is active or low-lying and ongoing, this experience will be safe, effective, and will shift your pattern.

All of my work is trauma-informed, based in present-moment awareness and communicating notices. I will support both partners in a safe process of sharing and connection.

Talking, breathing together, and perhaps light touch are involved in the exercises - nothing sexual during the workshop. But you can decide where to take the connection once you leave. ;)

Participants will receive a free copy of my Couples Co-Regulation Ebook.

I work for you, to increase the consciousness of your relating. I provide skills and experiences that you will be able to take with you and repeat. Participants of the 6/26 workshop are welcome to attend both, as the 7/11 workshop will go deeper.

To your Union,

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to Jun 30

The Earth Love Festival: Workshop on Heartfelt Connection - in PA June 28-30, 2019

Education, Exploration, Celebration, Inspiration, Community, Love

The Earth Love festival grew out of a desire to experience and share joy, forge connections in our community, and understand different perspectives on how to live in harmony with each other and the Earth.
The Earth Love festival is my way of sharing my gifts to create beauty.
I hope you will join me as the Earth Love festival evolves into its second year.

Keynote speaker Pat McCabe, Woman Stands Shining
Michael Wann of Susquehanna Alchemy
Sarah Poet of Embodied Breath: Workshop on Conscious, Heartfelt Connection

Indian Summer Jars
Cumberland Honey
Shrimp Ryan's Jig Band

Camping Under the Stars, Workshops, Local food, Vendors, Artists, Kids Activities and More!

For more information and to register, visit

Amethyst Retreat Center

44 Buffalo Creek Rd, Duncannon, Pennsylvania 17020

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Conscious Relating: Intro Workshop for Couples

This workshop will welcome couples of any orientation to practice closer, conscious relating.

Do you suffer from frequent disconnect?
Do you have the same repeated arguments?
Does your relationship have a pattern of wanting more?
Or taking too much?
Do you just want to learn a new tool for increasing connection?

Would you like to learn some incredibly effective basics to completely shift the struggles you experience and heighten authentic connection?
You will be amazed what I can teach you in one hour that will become the foundation for how you relate differently, with a concept called couples co-regulation.

Your connection can improve.
Your love can blossom.
Your patterns can reset.
This will be an hour well spent.

Purchase tickets ahead of time for ease at the door, please. PM me with any questions. Looking forward to seeing you.

Participants will receive a free copy of my Couples Co-Regulation Ebook.

Ticket link:

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1:00 PM13:00

F*ck Silence:Transmuting Women's Anger & Silence to Sacred Truth

Shoo, women! Are you feeling this? There is a wave of collective anger and emotion and it is welling UP and that is NOT a bad thing.

We have been silent. We have been good. We have followed the rules.

We are women. We know a certain silence because we are women, but in order to shift the tides, as we so beautifully are, we need to allow for the anger and rage to come up. And out. And for the words to be spoken.

This workshop will be an embodied experience of movement, using the voice to make sounds, using the voice to speak truths, and we will *transmute* the energies that want to be moved right now.

We will allow.

We will feel and we will express.

Any level of silence, anger, felt emotion, sadness, etc etc etc is welcome. If you identify as a woman and have any inkling of something wanting to come through the silence - you are welcome.

The woman that you are, the one that is emerging now, needs to feel her permission for expression. Your full range of emotions, including your anger, is needed for fuel and for creativity. This fire feeds your LIFE and your life force.

If you are feeling this, this workshop experience is for you.

Bring a journal and wear clothes to move in. Pre-purchase tickets if possible, please, for ease of processing.

Much love,

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2:30 PM14:30

LEAF Festival: Workshop! Breath, Truth, & Song

Jane Kramer and I will be bringing an interactive workshop to the Healing Arts Tent at the AMAZING Lake Eden Arts Festival this year!

We will be leading participants through a breath-based centering activity, in order to access the inner voice of personal truth. We will practice safely sharing with others what we find. And we will practice safely and beautifully exercising our VOICE! Please join us!

We are preparing for our week-long workshop on Women’s Truth & Voice June 23 -29, 2019. Please see this event link for more info.

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