Retreats & Events

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I am a space holder. I design curricula and experiences for people of all ages with growth and soulful integration in mind.  I understand systems and I love to create mindful coherence in groups whether for your organization or under my own umbrella.

In my events, workshops, and retreats, you will be seen and heard.

In my events, you will experience insight and gain tools for personal transformation and growth. As a professional educator all those years, growth mindset and emotional introspection were at the core of my approach, which I bring to all of my groups now. As a former special educator, I know that one size does not fit all.

I also am well adept at bringing about the necessary components for change making. If your organization is stagnating, I can help.

I am a story teller, I invite others to do the same. I model authenticity, vulnerability, loving presence, grit, accountability, soulful self reflection, integrity, and desire.

You're a change maker, like me. I like that about you. 

What would you like to explore? 


Potential talk/workshop topics include:

  • Mindfulness implementation & integration (everything from basics to quantum discussions on the power of the mind combined with right action)

  • Emotional regulation & resilience

  • Breath techniques & embodiment

  • Wholehearted empowerment

  • Trauma informed care practices

  • Adolescents & mindfulness

  • Women & stress, storytelling, embodiment, voice

  • Relationships, communication, healthy exchange

  • Embodied intimacy

  • Embodied wisdom

  • Personal storytelling writing workshops

  • Conscious parenting

  • Masculine/feminine balance

  • Men & hidden shame