Coaching: How I Work

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My work is based on the following premises:

  • Connection: We all yearn to be seen and accepted. You are honored here for exactly who you are. 

  • Mindful awareness: We can learn to meet whatever arises, throughout our lives and relationships.

  • Resiliency: We can learn from everything that arises along our path and become stronger for it.

  • Body-Centered Approach: The body provides wisdom the mind can’t access. I work with the somatic experience of the body, and teach you to do the same.

  • Emotions: All emotions have a place, and they are all providing valuable information! 

  • Feminine/Masculine Balance: Within and between individuals, we are rebalancing our feminine and masculine energies.

  • Trauma-informed care: We incorporate an understanding of how our past traumas affect our reactions now. 

  • Growth Mindset: We can identify our strengths and lean on them to formulate next steps. Things can always get better.

  • Natural Cycles:  Rest and nourishment are vital.

  • Inherent Worth: Every person is worthy. Every person is inherently “enough.” When we realize this, our lives change.

  • Relationships:  Relationships are teachers, and reveal to us what we need to see when we’re ready to see it.

  • Non-judgement: We can live with acceptance in the current moment and improve the quality of our lives.

  • Love & Respect: I believe in you. You are inherently worthy. You are here for a reason.

  • Story: Each person has lived one. Your personal story matters.

  • Responsibility: YOU are ultimately responsible for how you conduct your life.

Time Commitment:

Coaching is close and committed work. I coach individuals and couples for a duration of 3 months to really effect lasting change. When you sign up with me, you make a committment - to yourself. 

I’m a deep-diver. You need to be too, or at least willing to give it your absolute best. 

Coaches are usually hired in a transition or when someone wants to seriously uplevel their life. This is an exciting time for you, and I will meet you right where you are. My coaching involves weekly hour-long conversations via Zoom video call, with responsive communications throughout the week. There are weekly assignments and lifestyle changes along the way. We change our lives when we change how we live, think, and feel! Your commitment to following the process will bring you results. My committment is seeing you through to the change you desire. 

We conveniently connect online. Distance clients welcome.

Consulting contracts vary. 


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Click button to schedule. There is no fee for an initial 30 minute discovery call for longer-term work. Please be seriously considering this work when you book a consult with me. 

What you can expect from doing this work:

  • Increased sense of self-empowerment

  • Increased resiliency – the ability to bounce back from hardship

  • You feel the permission to be the authentic YOU - finally!

  • Mindful awareness for daily life

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Increased confidence

  • Reduced anxiety and overwhelm

  • Reduced stress

  • An understanding of where you carry emotions in the body – both “good” and “bad” and how to use this knowledge to empower your life

  • Increased sense of purpose

  • Self-reliant but not cut-off from others. We practice skills that build healthy relationships

  • Resourcefulness – knowing you have resources to survive and flourish

  • Increase in your ability to lovingly respond to your life and the people in it

  • I can promise you an empowering partnership, close listening and reflection, and powerful tools for growth. YOU have to use them in order to see these results.

What clients are saying:

“I felt drawn to Sarah’s energy immediately.”

“I was hoping to gain a bit of perspective on the work/life balance of motherhood and running a business (in our session). My expectations were exceeded during our call. I really enjoyed working with Sarah, and I appreciate her perspective, ability to dig into the heart of an issue, and her process of working together to find a solution.”

“I left our meeting with clarity on how I want to move forward with my business and aspects of my personal life.”

"Yes I would recommend your services to women who are going through transitions, or to someone who just wants a deeper experience in self-actualization and mindfulness." 

“(In our work together) I got an outside perspective of my current situation. I was also able to talk through some issues and work through connections I had not previously noticed. I came away from this call with a list of personal mantras and a strong feeling of trust in myself and my capabilities. Together, we identified the source of my issue, and I will definitely use this information in the future. I will continue to use mantras to propel myself in my life and business, trusting I am on the right path for me.”

“I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone interested in starting their own business as well as those who are looking for clarity or insight into their personal struggles with self worth or those looking for guidance because they feel stuck.”

“Mothers in need of a reset or a reevaluation of their lives and the goals and obstacles within them would greatly benefit from Sarah’s coaching style. She has an intuitive energy that lends to her ability to dive into the tough questions in life. I wish all moms knew about this type of support!”

“Thank you, Sarah, for the work you are doing to empower others to achieve their dreams. Thank you for taking the time to offer guidance that helped me see more clearly the spaces within myself that are in need of nourishment. I very much appreciated the mindfulness exercise that revealed those areas that require more of my focus and attention. And thank you for holding that space for me to express all of those things openly.”

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