Soulful Coaching: How We Work

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My soulful, transformative work is based in the following supports:

  • Connection & Healing

  • Mindful, Conscious Awareness & Breathwork

  • Pattern Recognition & Introspection

  • Resiliency & Opportunity

  • Body-Centered Approach / Somatic Awareness

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Energetic Repatterning

  • Energy Medicine

  • Feminine/Masculine Archetypal Balance

  • Trauma-informed Care

  • Evolutionary Love & Heart Awareness

  • Rebalancing polarities that cause suffering

  • Growth Mindset

  • Natural Cycles

  • Self Worth & Self Love

  • Non-judgement, Forgiveness, & Compassion

  • Love & Respect

  • Personal Story & Authenticity

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Empowerment & Personal Sovereignty

  • Leadership & Coaching Best Practices


Q: How is coaching different than therapy?

Therapy is awesome and serves a vital role in society. I am not a therapist, rather I am a coach, helper, and friend. I am in your corner for the duration of our contract, which means you have access to me in our weekly sessions, but you also have access to me throughout the week. I am also going to give you “homeplay” that arises out of our sessions - things for you to do or consider throughout the week that supports your goals. Also, we are working very holistically and in present time. So while in therapy you’d dip into what happened as a child or in the first part of your love relationship, there is way less of that here. We are noticing in present time and working with WHAT IS.

Q: So do you have products or do you customize your coaching?

Both. I am very thorough by nature, and so I have a vast toolkit that I bring to my clients. I also don’t want to overwhelm you by telling them all to you now (that’s why the simple bullet list above). You can trust me that I’ll pull out the right tool when it’s needed.

I do presence-based, soulful life coaching. It is my nature to be incredibly authentic, and to see where you are keeping yourself stuck, so long as you are honest with me. I can help you if you let me in. It will be safe and supportive, you have my word on that.

Q: Do I have to have previous mindfulness experience?

No. We start where you are. You are capable of noticing present moment as a beginner, and I’ve never met a person who wasn’t still honing this skill (because we’re all still human!). Come as you are!

Q: I just feel stuck, do I need to know exactly what I want to accomplish?

I find that it’s usually very difficult for people to know exactly what they want, especially when we’re not used to giving ourselves that permission. Many of my clients come to me because something is just “stuck” in their lives and they refuse to stay stuck forever. Then I say “Woo hoo! I got you!” and we work through it.

Also, accomplishment is something we’ve all been striving for that got us to a general sense of burnout and dissatisfaction anyway. So you can have “goals” that if met, don’t equate to actual fulfillment. I am less concerned about your specific goals and more interested in what outcomes you want for your quality of life, your level of courage, the love you feel on a daily basis (for example).

Q: I’m Scared to admit I want help or want to change my life. I’m scared to admit it to the people around me or my partner. Can you help?

I can. I hear you. Big change requires big courage. And so we often let what we want go for quite a bit of time. I work with MANY people who are at a tipping point. That is the PERFECT time to hire me.

I often hear from people, “You’ll go there. I feel I can tell you anything. Even my therapist was uncomfortable with this.” Yes, my dears. I want you to be 100% YOU, even if for the very first time. The world needs YOU in your authenticity.

Q: What in the world do you mean by “Soul Doula?”

On of my oldest friends said to me, “You know, what I think you are is a Soul Doula.” And I loved it. We are doing soulful investigation, and really, any time we are willing to bring self inquiry and a willingness to grow, we are getting closer to the Soul Truth of why we’re here and who we are meant to be. I’m all about helping with that!

Q: I’m nervous. Is that normal?

Yes. The human brain naturally sees change as potential threat. Please understand, there will be nerves in this process. You are going to spend money investing in your personal growth, and that feels like something we just don’t usually do in our culture! This is unique, yes!

I have couples come to me because they want to upgrade their relationship, but that means that they will also have to face what’s happening in their relationship! You must be willing to do this! You don’t have to know where you’re going or what you’ll find, but in order to work with me, you have to be willing to go there. And yes, life upgrades are scary because it calls you to leave a comfort zone. I got you.

Q: I don’t live in Asheville, is that a problem?

I work with all my clients online, currently, though I do see local couples in person for 3 of their 12 sessions. Distance clients are welcome, and I set up my business so that I could serve people globally. Please inquire from wherever you are! I’d love to connect. It’s effective, trust me.

Q: How long do people work with you? And how much does it cost?

Great question! Remember, this is full access, high quality coaching. It’s not a one-session-a-week thing. It’s a LIFE UPGRADE! My products and services are infused with my energy and love. You will pay for weekly access to my programming and to me as your coach, and payments are due at the beginning of each month. Most clients (individual and couples) work with me for 90 days. Some shorter if focused on one issue, and some longer if working on multiple or longterm upgrades. My rates are currently $222-333/week for individuals and $444-555/week for couples.

Q: I think I might want to work with you in the future, when should I do the free consult?

We are going to work in present time, with present issues, and therefore, I want to do the consult right before you’re going to sign up. You are welcome to explore with me on the consult, but I’ll ask that if you know you’re not going to sign up now, that you wait until you’re ready to leap.

I work with the leapers in this world. The folks that are ready to upgrade their lives NOW. Those that are not making excuses or blaming others for their conditions anymore. If that’s you or you’re ready for it to be you, I’d love to hear from you.

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