Coaching: Leaders

I am honored to be journey with Sarah Poet in this sacred work. Sometimes she leads form the front, sometimes she sings and blesses others with me, side by side and sometimes, like the leader of a wolf pack, she leads from behind - encouraging me to garner strength and build and lift those around me as we all move forward together.

I like to create change. So do you.

I support leaders who want to make a strong impact in their communities through behind-the-scenes coaching and through partnering on impactful plans of transformation.

You’ve got grit & tenacity, no question. You know how to motivate. You know what needs to be done.

But do you have an outlet for your vulnerability? Would you like to lead more authentically? Do you notice that there is opportunity to move beyond the pressure of implied perfectionism and instead lead with heart-centered connection?

This is quite a paradigm shift we are making in leadership. Thank you for seeing that this is needed.

I hold space for leaders and their organizations. You are in positions that change the world. Your OWN emotional, physical, mental wellness is essential. I support you in those realms, but I also go deeper still.

I will partner with you to bring the change you wish to see in your organization. I will not perpetuate power-over hierarchies in leadership. I will help you to gather stakeholder feedback in a safe and supportive way that leads to company healing, growth, and satisfaction. I can teach and help you to implement mindset strategies, workplace mediations, and core-values seminars.

I can help you shift to leadership with soul.

I have a Master’s degree in educational leadership and I am a system’s thinker. I’ve navigated not only the structural aspects of leadership, but also the personal, soulful aspects of leadership. I also know that very often, while you’re expected to have it all together as a leader, often times, you need support. And who do you ask? To whom do you admit the need for this support?

Me. You confide in me.

I provide that support for leaders - with full confidentiality, with full permission to be you - on a monthly membership basis. If organizational shift is what you’d like, you can contact me for a consultation on the project you have in mind, and we will partner to bring forth this innovation.

The world needs honest, authentic, values-driven leaders. You need to make sure you care for the evolution of your own well-being and soul along your leadership pathway. You’ve come to the right place.