You’ve got grit & tenacity, no question. You know how to motivate. You know what needs to be done.

But do you have an outlet for your vulnerability?

Can you sense how necessary it is to have an outlet for your vulnerability? How’s your stress interfering with your day to day life? Would you say that you are “mindful?”

I hold space for leaders. You are in positions that change the world. Your OWN emotional, physical, mental wellness is essential. I support you in those realms, but I also go deeper still.

To the SOUL.

Are you leading with soul? Do you desire to lead with soul? The world needs leaders with soul. It is the only way to stay innovative and connected to the true source of what your organization needs. If you are disconnected from soul or want to ensure that you stay connected, contact me.

I have a Master’s degree in educational leadership, and I’ve navigated the personal, soulful aspects of leadership. I also know that very often, while you’re expected to have it all together as a leader, often times, you need support.

I provide that support for leaders - with full confidentiality, with full permission to be you - on a monthly membership basis. Would your workplace invest in mindful mentorship for the benefit of your company??

I teach mindfulness, we explore your mindset, we navigate difficulties in your day to day leadership roles. You get to be honest here. You get to be you, so that you can go back out and be a stronger, tenacious, amazing leader. I’ve got your back.