To the men in my practice:


We live in a world where it is said that men have the privilege, but so many men are silently hurting. The burdens on men do not feel like privilege, and in a #metoo era, men often wonder where to talk about their true experiences.

Seven out of ten suicides in the US are committed by white males, and most of them middle class. Our men are silently suffering, and it's not often safe for them to be honest about this. 

This is a safe space.

In an era where men are often shamed for being men, I am here to advocate for a different way; one of love and acceptance. One of honor & Conscious Masculinity. I want you in your full, authentic, beautiful power.

This is not an era of suffering. This is an era of reclaiming masculinity for the beauty that it is.

As a man in today’s society, you may experience:

  • Struggle to know why you are really here. Struggle to know your true purpose.

  • Struggle to know that you are the best father you can be.

  • Have yet to experience true intimacy and are ready to invite this into your life.

  • Have unresolved issues with your mother.

  • Have a series of failed relationships that have left you discouraged.

  • Have little idea how to show up in relationship without feeling like it will fail.

  • Fear you disappoint people you love.

  • Struggle with shame or to really own your own worth.

  • Be in a powerful position of leadership but feel silently like a fake.

  • Feel that there is no remorse for your previous behavior.

  • Struggle to like yourself.

  • Put everyone else first and have a hard time admitting you are not satisfied.

  • Be struggling in your relationship for respect when you don’t know if you are allowed to ask for it.

In a private coaching relationship with me, you will:

  • Experience your true nature.

  • Experience self-acceptance.

  • Practice presence and acceptance of present moment.

  • Like yourself again.

  • Learn how to respond rather than react.

  • Touch the places inside you’ve been scared to touch.

  • Be allowed to own your shame, at your pace, without further shame.

  • Look at relationship trends and decide what you want to take with you and what you want to leave behind.

  • Ask for help with the skills you need & receive it judgement free!

  • Explore the ways you’ve been trying to please others & knock that shit off (by actually healing).

  • Discover and feel authentic self love and compassion.

  • Stop hiding.

  • Feel your sacred heart. Your true power.

  • Know and own your purpose.

  • Stop perpetuating the behaviors you are not proud of.

  • Stop making self-sacrifices you don’t want to make.

  • Heal mother wounds that affect your current and past relationships.

  • Stand in your innate power and be seen.

I see you, your potential, and what you want the world to see in you. And then, I support you maybe more deeply than you’ve ever been supported.

This is healing opportunity of the deepest sort.

**I work with men who have gone through a men’s initiation/right of passage, or are currently in that process. This is foundational and I’m happy to explain further, but men’s work is essential to healthy masculinity. Initiatory work with a female, which this is, takes place most effectively after men’s work.

**This is not for everyone. You are a man with self awareness on a journey you are serious about. You are waking up to the potential of life, you recognize you have this opportunity to live differently than you have, and by damn, you’re going to live. From this point forward, you’re going to live true to you. If all this and more is true, then press the button and schedule a call with me.

Testimonials from male clients:

“I wasn't 100% convinced that it was working while we were doing it, but you know what--it absolutely worked!  Since then, I have felt remarkably free from the stress, anxiety, and fear that were destructively powerful inside of me.  That's what Sarah does--she brings her tool basket and her passionate, intuitive self and then gives the very best of her amazing self to help resolve the MOST IMPORTANT blocks that keep one from living a more beautiful life.  Not the surface stuff, but the stuff at the core of your being.  If you don't want to face that stuff NOW, look elsewhere. Go to someone that will just listen to you talk and talk.  But if you want to get there NOW, then Sarah is a great guide for this process.” 

“I felt like a hurting little boy. She saw that. But, she also saw a strong, powerful man behind that scared and hurting little boy. A powerful man I kind of sensed but couldn't really believe in. She met both of them. With love and compassion. Don't read that to mean she coddled me. Quite the opposite. She challenged me, but gently. She pushed me, but lovingly. She talked to me in a way that said ‘you have fucked up, but you're not fucked up.’

Most importantly, she supported me. My life would have been SO different if I'd had her input years (decades) ago. In ways that I can't even really explain, she's helped me to connect with the true source of big (huge), loving, confident masculine energy that I never connected with before. And here's the thing. What she does isn't formulaic. Exercises and assignments she asks for may be, but the process is not. She customizes and shifts based on what's going on with you overall. She HEARS you.

Read that sentence again.

SHE hears YOU. She can honor you and call you on your bullshit (and you know you need to be called on it) AT THE SAME TIME.”

“I hired Sarah for her 6-week, 3-call engagement--and I didn't really know why... Except that in this time of escalating cultural turbulence and war between men and women, between right and left, between traditional and progressive, I've rarely encountered people standing boldly and unapologetically for both women and men simultaneously.  Typically I see people take a position rooted in their fears and bias, a position that makes clear whose side you're on and whose side you're not on (for example, being For women, and to hell with men, because they've had their time in power and have messed it up).  Sarah's posts on Facebook caught my eye again and again as I witnessed her stand for the full power, freedom, expression and dignity of both women and men, taking no side and leaving no one out.  I was inspired seeing her continually call men and women (herself included) to rise up, to be more, and stand for ourselves and each other in a bigger way.  I felt a deep resonance with her as this also what I aim to do and how I aim to be.  I felt in a way that I had found a long-lost sister.  The time, energy and money I invested with Sarah was well worth it, and I'm glad I chose to trust my inner calling to work with her.  I support who she is in the world, and encourage anyone who feels called to work with her to do so.  You're in good hands.”