This is me. I'm sometimes fierce, but I love that way too. I've got you. And I believe in you.    

This is me. I'm sometimes fierce, but I love that way too. I've got you. And I believe in you. 


We live in a world where it is said that men have the privilege, but so many men are silently hurting. Seven out of ten suicides in the US are committed by white males, and most of them middle class. Our men are suffering, and it's not often safe for them to be honest about this. 

In an era where men are often shamed for being men, I am here to advocate for a different way.

Because men are beautiful. And we need men

I say this with an open heart. It’s a heart with a personal history - because I’ve been hurt by men and I’ve been in failed relationships with men. But I’ve also healed with and been healed by men, I’ve heard the true stories of the hearts of men, I’ve seen men deny themselves and their personal truths, and I’ve seen and felt the discord between men and women in our current culture (see blog).

I don’t have an agenda that you “be” anything other than what you truly want to be. I’m not here to feminize or further shame you.

I’m aware that what I’m offering is quite different than anything you’ve been used to. Schedule an intro call with me to discuss further. 

This is an offering of love, of space holding. I offer to see the beauty in you. I offer to hold you accountable to what you want to create and accomplish, but I won’t tell you how to do it.

I am a life coach of sorts and have many skills to teach, should you need them. I hold space for the human soul to emerge. I work with archetypal masculine and feminine energies and I integrate that into our conversations. And we work toward your own personal goals. Maybe you want to stop a pattern in a relationship, or grow your business but really lack the confidence you're feeling pressured to show. We can work through anything. 

But here’s what I really do - I see you. I see YOU for you. I see YOU like you've not really been seen. And then I support you with honesty and integrity. These are my superpowers. 

I see that there's this era of "Me Too" and the “feminine rising,” and there's a lot of confusion for men around how to respond and fit into that. I see that you're simultaneously craving and cursing women. I see that for many of you, it started with your mothers. I see that you are quieted by overpowering women, maybe even just as frequently or more than you are overpowering them. I see that there are not places for these conversations - and I hope to be someone who can invite a change where that is concerned.

I see you, your potential, and what you want the world to see in you. And then, I support you maybe more deeply than you’ve ever been supported.

This is healing opportunity of the deepest sort.

We do this together. It’s transformative. The relationship is pure and heart-centered, but I see it as a truly sacred responsibility, as when you invite me into your life as your support, I know that you are ready to truly transform. And I meet you there, woman to man, and you stand in your own reflection of your own greatness.

It is a beautiful thing to witness.

This is new. This is different. This is safe.

Reach out when you’re ready.

Book a free consult when you are seriously considering

Read this testimonial from a male couples coaching client: 

Going into my work with Sarah, I was EXTREMELY apprehensive. in a long-term relationship that was failing, questioning everything--and I do mean EVERYTHING--stressed, disconnected, alone.

Sarah was my last-ditch effort.

For real. I was pricing out single-wides and prepping for the inevitable end of my marriage.

I resisted everything she said. Everything she asked. I *did* it, sure, but I never wanted to and had to fight, fight, fight myself to engage enough to do any work.

I "quit" multiple times in the first month.

She didn't.

I felt like a hurting little boy. She saw that. But, she also saw a strong, powerful man behind that scared and hurting little boy. A powerful man I kind of sensed but couldn't really believe in.

She met both of them.

With love and compassion.

Don't read that to mean she coddled me. Quite the opposite.

She challenged me, but gently.

She pushed me, but lovingly.

Most importantly, she supported me.

My life would have been SO different if I'd had her input years (decades) ago.

In ways that I can't even really explain, she's helped me to connect with the true source of big (huge), loving, confident masculine energy that I never connected with before.

And here's the thing. What she does isn't formulaic. Exercises and assignments she asks for may be, but the process is not. She customizes and shifts based on what's going on with you overall.

She HEARS you.

Read that sentence again.

SHE hears YOU.

A woman who hears and feels where you are coming from. And she can translate that (and help you learn to translate it) to your woman.

THAT is her gift. She translates between the masculine and feminine energies. She can honor you and call you on your bullshit (and you know you need to be called on it) AT THE SAME TIME.

She can hear what you say and translate the essence to your woman in a way that SHE will be able to hear.

Working with Sarah is not easy. In fact it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

But it's also the most beneficial and rewarding thing I've ever done.

Regardless of your on-paper relationship status, if you want to be deeply, appreciatively, passionately (not porn "passion" but real, soulful passion) in your relationship, work with Sarah.

I didn't want to. I still don't *want* to.

But the bottom line is if you do, you'll be better. And when YOU are better, everything else in your life is better. Most especially your relationship to the feminine.

I promise it's SAFE to be vulnerable with her-- I really, really promise. And the juice only comes when you squeeze with the pressure of vulnerability. Being authentically you--which is what Sarah will help you do--is THE way. The only one.