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When we stop attempting to control the conditions of our lives and learn how to dance with whatever comes our way, we become more available, we become more loving, and we set ourselves free. Can you imagine this? 

You’re standing in the living room after another fight with your teenager or husband, wondering how it got to be like this. Or maybe you’re five years into raising kids and it’s unbearably draining, and where do you admit something like that? So you hold in your exasperation, feeling like you are the only one. Or maybe your child needs more care than you can give, and you are awash with a constant mix of shame and anger while trying to cling to hope.

You’re looking around at the conditions of your life, questioning how it got to be like this. You thought motherhood would be much different. I get that. I am a mother and have worked with countless other mothers - we are all trying to get it right, and most of the time we are not confident that we are. It is heartbreaking.

You are working and parenting, doing everything and then some to succeed, but you still don’t feel fulfilled — like something is missing. You’re beyond exhausted. The feedback that you are getting from your children and  your spouse seems to perpetuate your feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.

You are right, something is missing, but it’s not your effort.  You may be missing compassion for yourself and for the girl you once were — the one you put on the shelf because it was demanded of you, in one way or another, to compromise -- your passion, your enthusiasm, your own purpose. It was, of course, well intended. But you are the central unit of your family - and as mother, you feeling more empowered, more enthusiastic, more mindful, can and will change the course of your entire family.

I know how you feel, because I used to feel this way, too.  Through a lot of deliberate work, I have overcome these negative thought-loops. And I couldn’t be more excited to share with you what I’ve discovered — or uncovered, because the answers are, in fact, already inside you.

I work with women who are ready to change their lives now. You can feel differently in every moment even if your conditions stay the same.

I use a responsive, connected approach based in mindfulness. [Link to How I Work]  This is powerful work. This is where change happens. This is where I will sit in the fire with you, as painful as the reality is, and I will support you on this journey.  

Whether you are trying to remember what makes you most alive, or you are just trying to get through a transition, woman, I’m here for you.

Let’s get started.

I want to hear your story.