Services & Products

I am honored to make my living in service to deep personal transformation. I will meet you in big and authentically caring ways when you are ready to say "yes" to stepping into your potential life. 

Thank you for exploring this choice. 

I encourage you to feel into the options. Feel it in your gut, your heart, notice if anything is tingling with excitement, or that feeling of “I know I need to do this but I’m scared!” (That feeling is actually a really good sign that you’re ready to change your life!)

You are here, here in this world to embrace your life. I love when I get to see you go after YOU.

I want you to reach out when you’re ready. Only when you are truly ready to say a full “YES” to YOU. I’ve got you.



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Individual: 6 weeks

6 Weeks of individual coaching, with incorporated deep energy healing. Involves biweekly sessions for 75 min each, with support in between via Voxer or email. It’s fast & deep on primarily one issue. Jump start a specific area of your life! Ideal for a problem that keeps repeating or a negative habit/belief you know you need to overcome and are ready. $2200

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Individual: 12 sessions

You are READY for transformational change in your life! This support involves DEEP personal transformative opportunities, close and connected trauma-sensitive coaching and space holding, teaching of many tools including mindfulness, and intuitive reflection and guidance. Weekly hour-long sessions weeks 1-6, biweekly sessions weeks 7-12, with Voxer support in between. Consultation required. $4400


Couples: 12 Weeks

90 day, couples coaching/healing package (all couples, regardless of marital status, regardless of gender.) Transform your relationship, heal past hurts, learn evolved communication skills, feel and practice deep forgiveness, learn to live in the now, learn to live as two sovereign beings in a healthy union rather than immeshed in codependent patterns, heal intimacy blocks, learn to observe patterns without judgement, learn healthy attunement, and more. Customized, close support for your specific needs.

There is NOTHING else like this out there.

Conscious separation support available. Family work is an option, including family meetings, for additional charge. Weekly sessions, some individual, some as a couple. Support between sessions via Voxer or email. 45 Minute Consultation required for this package, $75. This work is deep and personal, completely unique, and you will need to make sure you have a clear understanding of it. Please schedule with time to answer questions before our call.

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Leaders/Executives: Monthly Membership

It’s easy. We set up a weekly call, you get to check in, be honest, be vulnerable, ask for help, get inspiration, get reinforcement, and go back out in the world and kick ass. All based in mindfulness, because you experience stress as a leader! Monthly Membership options are $600 for 4 hour-long weekly sessions, or $900 for 4 hour-long weekly sessions + unlimited access to my support between sessions utilizing Voxer. I’ve got you while you’ve got your business or organization.

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in-person Personalized Couples Intensives

We meet in a connected and safe personalized retreat space in the mountains of Asheville to heal and transform your relationship. Schedule a long weekend to the amazing mountains of WNC to reset a relationship you value. I customize your personalized retreat based on your relationship needs. I utilize intuitive and responsive facilitation, somatic healing to greatly improve connection, personalized assignments, guided mindfulness, and energy healing. Schedule a call with me to discuss your unique needs and to coordinate our schedules. This is a DEEP jumpstart/reset to your love relationship.

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75 Minute One-Time phone session

Great if you want to jump in to a) experience my work and get a feel for it, b) get a combo of "coaching" and energetic clearing/somatic support. Limit one per person. If you want to go deeper than one session, I want you to sign up for longer-term work with me. My preference is always to dive deep for true change. $155.