Honoring Personal Truth in Partnership: Small Group Program October 2019

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Honoring Personal Truth in Partnership: Small Group Program October 2019


Honoring Personal Truth inside Partnership 

A mindful, holistic, trauma-informed approach with Sarah Poet

This is an online group program exclusively for six couples who are consciously committed to their partnership but consistently loop in conversations that involve differences in personal truth. You want to move past these loops and form a more authentic connection based in the love you know is present. 

It is so important that the union of two people honor the true Self and personal truth of each individual. Intense connections full of love can ignite beautifully and then backfire of personal truth is ignored in pursuit of the partnership. This compromise is made all of the time. 

There is a way to honor what is true for each person without the relationship coming to a head. There is a way, and I will show it to you, to focus on and honor personal experience inside partnership, to mindfully attune to self first and then other, to communicate not based on even the most up to date emotional languaging but instead based in body awareness. When we apply mindful concepts such as noting, acceptance, compassion, and attunement to relationships, we can very easily discern common hangups, decrease tension in partnership, and truly come to accept and honor this person that we love for their own truth. It is incredibly freeing and connection-building at the same time. 

Group space is limited to 6 couples. 

Meeting times are Wednesdays 7-9pm EST in October 2019.

I will share skills and practices for consciously honoring truth, both personal and that of your partner, in live Zoom calls. 

Must be willing to engage with personal practices daily for the duration of the course. This does not work if you only show up to the weekly Zoom call. You must practice what is provided to see meaningful change. 

Both members must be in full agreement of participation when you commit. 

There are no refunds. 

Topics & Skills: 

  • Differentiating personal truth from partner’s truth

  • Noticing what is and honoring it - mindfulness applications for relationships

  • Deep and effective body-based communication skills without needing to remember some formula for emotional languaging 

  • Navigating disagreements in perception

  • Where do we expand, and where do we contract? 

  • Reaction v Response - Conscious noticing of old fight/flight patterns

  • Shame, guilt, blame and other relationship killers - how to heal and transmute 

  • Top skills for conscious couple interaction, moment by moment 

  • Practices for non-verbal attunement & connection - how to build connection


  • You and your partner are each able to have your personal truth (without it breaking your relationship to speak it) 

  • Increased feelings of safety & security in your personal experience

  • Increased confidence and ability to speak what is true for you

  • Increased empathy and compassion between you

  • More conscious awareness at all levels! (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic) 

  • Concrete skills for daily recognition of truth vs. fear

  • Stop projection and blame, increase personal self acceptance, naturally increasing personal accountability

  • Better connection on all levels  (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic) 

  • Integration of all of the above topics & skills when you invest your time and energy (this doesn’t work by osmosis)



My co-regulation & attunement guide for couples with six breath/body based exercises. 

Five group sessions - attendance required. 

Private facebook community to build tribe in this potentially difficult yet sacred arena - you are not alone. 

One private coaching call per couple with Sarah within the five week program. 

Exclusive access to core Embodied Breath Conscious Couples Coaching practices. 

The opportunity to enroll in 8 additional weeks of my customized conscious couples coaching at a rate of $577/week (Which essentially means you are getting the first month of my couples coaching for a massive discount!). 

Access to meditations and instructional videos.

Agreements must be solidified by September 24, 2019. Investment for this deep-dive four week opportunity is $555 per couple. Space is limited to six couples and will be closed when filled. Contact me only when you and your partner are mutually very interested. We are creating a close community to navigate one of the most important topics within partnerships today. I honor this work and this process, and that is why I am asking for your full commitment to this process as well when you sign up. 

We are here to take effective and conscious action so that we form deeper connections and move forward together. If you agree, if you feel a deep yes, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Much love, 


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