Your body. Your voice. Your sex.

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Your body. Your voice. Your sex.


**Please read carefully. Your purchase is your commitment. No refunds. This group is open to 7 women only.

I was standing in the shower on 7/7 when this idea came in fast, like, “NOW THIS.” And when that voice happens, I listen. That’s clarity, and this offering is divine, timely, and for you.

We are in an incredibly important time as women. You feel it. We saw #metoo and we wonder what the ongoing effects of that movement will be. We see the abortion laws coming down. There is a deep knowing that each woman is connected to each of that, but too often, life goes on.

Sister, the next revolution is in YOU. It is a revolution of reclamation, of owning your body, your voice, and your sex.

Last week, a woman told me that after working with me, she saw pleasure as pleasure instead of sin. First of all, Hallelujah!!! Secondly, yes, you are not the only one to still be working out who owns the rights to your own pleasure. This is incredibly important work.

This group is for all women. It is for high-achieving, rule-following women who are quite possibly working mothers, powerhouse career women, and your husband (if there is one) is maybe even still prioritizing his pleasure over yours and you’re working out what to do about it. It’s for badass women who are still unsure how to really own their sensuality and sexuality and still default power to men, damn it, truth be told. It’s for women who LOVE relating (it is not for haters - we heal in the real, we don’t waste time bitching) and yet you’re unsure really how to own the whole of who you are given all the rules and constructs that still apply. You are strong AF, and yet, you know you still default power to men. Because we’re unwinding the patriarchy, here, my love, of course it runs deep. The effects of it live in you, and that is why you taking back your life IS the revolution.

You can say #metoo. But you’re often quiet about your story.

Men make you at least a little nervous. You feel that in your body. You feel like you’re giving something away. You probably grew up in a church that caused confusion about a woman’s place.

You want to make a next move, for you. Your voice shakes when you approach certain topics and so you often don’t. You feel a struggle to be heard and understood. You are ready for a next level of your own unfolding.

Sound like you? But you never talk about it? This is the place you can. Welcome.

Here, you are welcome to bring it all. Here, you heal.

We will hold 7 weekly meetings, 7pm EDT on Thursdays, starting Aug 1. We will meet on Zoom, so you can tuck into the walk-in closet and let hubbie put the kids to bed if you need to. You are a woman reclaiming the whole of herself and you’ll find the time.

Because you have put yourself off for too long.


  • Recovering your stories of trauma & retelling the ending now

  • Transmuting trauma. Ending cycles of oppression. Now.

  • Owning your Truth & your Voice

  • Caring for your fractured nervous system

  • Radical self-love

  • Courageous, heartfelt ownership of personal truth

  • Your divine place in this era of feminine rising

This group is coming in swift and you need to be ready, but you already were. No consult required - you sign up by purchasing on my website.

7 weeks, 7 women, 7 meetings, 7 activations (recorded), One 70 minute healing (reiki/somatic/shamanic) session per person during our time together, weekly home-play between sessions for the group, private Facebook group.

This is an activation. When you say yes, the alchemy begins. If it’s your first time doing something like this, welcome. Thank you, on behalf of all women, for answering the call.

Feel free to reach out to me privately for quick questions.

To your embodiment, to your pleasure, to your voice in this world. We need you.

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