Personal Truth Cultivation & Activation: 90 Day Group Coaching

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Personal Truth Cultivation & Activation: 90 Day Group Coaching


I believe that every woman has a truth they are not telling.
Every woman. ❤️

I believe that every woman has a silent exploration of heart and soul that she has touched to varying degrees, and then sacrificially let go of again. ❤️

I believe that in this way, every woman is carrying a silent truth, and that these truths, acknowledged, are the seeds of a more soulful, connected, honest world. ❤️

I believe that it is time we remember, listen, discover, attune, activate, and cultivate our OWN personal truth. For each of us as women. ❤️

When we do so, we shift the paradigm of women on this planet, and we begin with the truth of our own story. ❤️

Sister, I have created a space for you to hear, discover, acknowledge, and honor your personal truth. The next round of this exclusive opportunity begins April 4, 2019 for twenty women.

This is a rich group coaching, mentoring, sisterhood opportunity. You WILL hear your truth. You WILL have the opportunity to share it. You will feel empowered, seen, and heard. Most importantly, you will have acknowledged the deep truth inside of you. This is the root of all of the empowered decisions you will make. We start now by hearing our truth. Do not make another goal, intention, or action in a direction that is not in alignment with your core truth. Hear that: YOUR core truth.

In this 90 day opportunity, will explore and deeply support:
❤️ Personal truth and voice activation (Because maybe you don't know what your own Truth sounds like!)
❤️ How to safely hear & cultivate this truth
❤️ How to honor trauma meanwhile moving forward into the life you desire to live
❤️ How to explore our own balance of masculine/feminine
❤️ How to investigate our identity & choices without shame and with purpose
❤️ How to hear and honor our Soul's unique expression
❤️ True Resilience vs. Fighting
❤️ Our stories & our discernment
❤️ Healing stress patterns, improving physical wellbeing, healthy sexuality
❤️ Mindfulness for all of the above
❤️ Activations, meditations, and sisterhood as a catalyst for a new paradigm.
And so much more.

You will be so deeply supported and held in a sacred container.
This group will be powerful and transformative.

You have a story you are not telling.
You are putting everyone else first.
You are not sure if you are even able to hear your divine soul.
You want to know your personal truth.
You want to claim your authenticity NOW.
You want to stop being silent about the things that matter.
You want the space to safely explore your truth.
You are willing to look at and bare your soul, if even for the first time.
You are ready to do this with other women.
You trust that when women share their truths together, something miraculous happens.

We begin April 4. Sign up early.

We meet on Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:00 PM EST.

Weekly homeplay, activations, recorded meditations, private FB page with coaching support, sisterhood, and one private session with me included in this package.
Discounts available if you bundle this group and the Our Truth, Our Voices retreat with Jane Kramer and I, June 23-29 in Asheville NC. Contact me soon to inquire.

I LOVE supporting women accessing their personal truth and watching how your life becomes increasingly empowered, confident, authentic, and your own. Thank you, Sarah

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