Friend promo: Personal Truth Cultivation & Activation: 90 day group coaching

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Friend promo: Personal Truth Cultivation & Activation: 90 day group coaching

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YES! You and a friend are registering together. Buddy system is legit. Congrats to you both! Enjoy this discount only through Dec. 29, 2018. Reserve your spot now!

You’ve quieted yourself, woman.
You’ve played by the rules. 
You’ve done it all with the best intention. 
But something’s been lost. 
You know that that is true, but you don’t really know what it is that has been lost. 

Lean in. 

It’s your personal truth. 

It’s the light of your own truth, currently dimmed by all the things: by programming, by your rule-following, by being a good wife, by “my husband wouldn’t understand,” by “I have no idea how to make the life happen that I really want to have happen."

Sister, stop. 

Stop diminishing your own light. Stop blaming someone else. 

I’m calling you forward to stand in your personal truth. And I get that first, it would need to be cultivated. 

What does your personal truth sound like??? It's okay if you do not yet know. If you yearn to know, come with me. 

I know that there is confusion on the hearts of women. I know that to step into what is actually true for you takes immense courage. I know because I've lived it, and I want to serve a community of women who are ready to live into their personal truth, use their voice, and light their world (and subsequently THE world) right on up. 

Explore Personal Truth with me for 90 days, beginning January 4, 2019: 

We will explore and deeply support: 
❤️ Personal truth and voice activation (Because maybe you don't know what your own Truth sounds like!)
❤️ How to safely hear & cultivate this truth 
❤️ How to distinguish between the voice of ego and the voice of Soul
❤️ How to honor trauma meanwhile moving forward into the life you desire to live
❤️ Places you have been disconnected from your truth, forgiveness, and what you want to create
❤️ How to explore our own balance of masculine/feminine
❤️ How to investigate our identity & choices without shame and with purpose
❤️ How to hear and honor our Soul's unique expression
❤️ True Resilience vs. Fighting 
❤️ Healing stress patterns, improving physical wellbeing, healthy sexuality
❤️ Activations, meditations, and sisterhood as a catalyst for a new paradigm.

🔥 90 day group coaching/mentorship
🔥 Weekly Zoom calls Thursdays 7pm EST/recorded for later viewing
🔥 Materials, prompts, educational materials - Weekly homeplay
🔥 Recorded meditations & activations
🔥 Facebook opportunity for sisterhood - powerful! 
🔥 Coaching inside of this private Facebook group
🔥 Discounts on one on one sessions with Sarah 

This will be engaging, elevating, accelerating. It will be deep, meaningful, and life changing. You MUST be ready to show up for yourself. I want people in this group who can not STAND not knowing for one more second what their own personal truth as a woman sounds like. If you are committed to making excuses about “not enough time” or “I’m just not sure if I’m ready yet” then this is NOT for you. I work with people who DESIRE to know and uncover themselves. 

If this is you, it would be an absolute honor to work with you. 

See website or PM me for pricing info. Space is limited. Make your decisions early! Treat yourself! CLAIM that this is what you want for the holiday! (You know, your own personal truth.... invaluable.) 😉

Friends: $500 discount for you and a friend (combined $1000) when you introduce someone new to the Embodied Breath community and you both sign up for this experience! And, the buddy system is fabulously supportive! 

I LOVE to see women claim their own personal truth and use their voice. Holy shit do I love it. 

You're safe here. Safe to be you. It's about time. 

I love you, 

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