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Together, we can create school-wide change.

We know that our children are struggling in school right now, and that it does not have to do with academics. Our children are craving to feel secure  in a very stressful and stimulating world.

As the pace of our world shifts, directly teaching children skills in self-regulation, emotional awareness, compassionate communication, and resiliency are of primary importance.

Indeed, research now shows that academic ability is a secondary indicator of success.  Children need direct instruction and experience with social and emotional education first in order for the brain to be in an optimal state for academic learning.  

Quality, sustainable, meaningful mindfulness programs are the way to address all of these needs in schools. As a school administrator, I created two school-wide mindfulness programs with quality results in stress reduction, emotional regulation, and more. As much as possible, any mindfulness or character-based program should integrate with academics, not just run alongside it, for true impact.

As a consultant, I will meet with your school’s administration to design a practical and impactful plan for mindfulness implementation specific to your needs. I have a strong desire to improve the quality of life for each student in the school, as well as for your teachers and parents. I left a fifteen-year career in academics because I wish to focus all of my time now not on the acquisition of more academic knowledge, but rather on the emotional well-being of each person I meet.

Our students deserve connected schools that prioritize children’s self-awareness and the quality of their social and emotional experiences. Please contact me if you also know this to be true and wish to proceed in implementing mindfulness in the life of your children.

It is my strong desire to propel the mindfulness movement forward in education.  As a mindfulness consultant to schools, I bring my educational expertise to help you customize the mindfulness intervention you are hoping to create.


I have educational expertise/qualifications in the following areas:

  • Certified Mindfulness Educator through Mindful Schools

  • Master’s in Special Education

  • Master’s in School Administration

  • School creation & leadership

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Expeditionary Learning

  • School-wide character initiatives

  • Incorporation of social/emotional alongside academics

  • Racial Equity training

  • Autism, ODD, ADHD, trauma, behaviors

  • Therapeutic education

  • Change models

  • Community circles and class meetings

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Mindfulness curriculum

  • Responsive interventions

  • School accreditation

  • Staff development

Benefits of Mindfulness in schools:

  • Increase student self-regulation

  • Increase student autonomy

  • Improve executive function

  • Improve focus

  • Improve communication

  • Improve emotional regulation

  • Improve personal attunement

  • Decrease student behaviors

  • Increase quality of life for students

  • Improve student response

  • Improve connectedness of curriculum





Let's get started.

"What strikes me about Sarah is that she is the only education administrator I have ever worked with who considers the whole child in her approach to students, parents, and educators. She helped me construct an emotionally safe and harmonious learning environment through her use of mindful practices. I find myself having embraced the progressive techniques I learned from Sarah and have incorporated her vision into my daily practice not only with my students, but in my personal life as well. For her guidance and wisdom I remain infinitely grateful."

Mark Moser, Instructor