Service Descriptions

I provide close, heart-led, balancing, empowering support & guidance. Because of the close nature of the work I do, and the energetic investment I make on behalf of each client’s authentic path, I take only a small number of clients monthly. Please only schedule a consult if you have read this site, feel an authentic pull that you trust you want to follow, and have the means to invest in this transformational work - financial, time, heart & soul. All of my clients are busy, working people. This will fit into your life, because you know it is time to follow through on your soul’s calling to heal and transcend.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Direct service descriptions are listed below.

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Groups & retreats

The magic that happens in the group space, as each group member shows up in their authenticity, is unparalleled. Check the calendar to see what group opportunities (online and in person) are upcoming. Group rates vary depending on the offering.

60 minute Deep healing session

Great if you want to jump in to a) experience my work and get a feel for it, b) get a combo of intuitive, heart-lead coaching and energetic clearing/somatic support. Honestly, if you want to go deeper than one session, I want you to sign up for longer-term work with me. My preference is always to dive deep for true change. $155/one session

Schedule via Book Now tab.

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Individual healing & Coaching packages

One on one packages are available to women looking for personalized support for their healing on their evolutionary path. The sacred space we create is supportive on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We clear trauma at the cellular level and empower your embodiment of your divine truth.

Coaching package includes: weekly hour-long sessions for either six or twelve weeks, home-play, and ongoing access to my guidance & support, upheld in an energetic container of healing. Price: $277/week, billed monthly. This investment is life-changing and this service highly alchemical. Discounts available when paid in full.

Consultation required. Schedule in Book Now tab.


Couples: 12 week program

I work with all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or status. I take only 1 or 2 couples per month, this is a very close and well-supported service.

See couple’s page for description.

There is truly nothing else like this out there.

Weekly sessions. Support between sessions via Voxer or email. Responsive, customized coaching to your particular situation. Unlimited access to my support.

Consultation required for this package. Customized packages available, but my program is 12 weeks long every time due to the transformational nature of it. This is well worth the investment and has the capacity to absolutely correct what has plagued your relationship for a long time.

If you’re happy with your therapy, stay there. If you want massive healing and transformation in your relationship, want to heal longstanding patterns, and want to upgrade your sacred intimacy, schedule a call to get on my waiting list.

Please schedule one week out so that questions can be sent via email before our call. Price: $577/week for this exclusive & effective offer, billed monthly. Discounts available when paid in full.

Schedule required consultation via Book Now tab.

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Monthly maintenance coaching packages

It’s easy. We set up a weekly call, you get to check in, be honest, be vulnerable, ask for help, get inspiration, get reinforcement, and go back out in the world and kick ass. The differences in this plan and one on one support packages is that this one has less energetic healing intervention and more direct coaching, and no support between sessions. No consultation required - you can sign up on my products page. Ideal for leaders and change makers wanting some behind-the-scenes support, as well as ongoing support for established clients. $577/month

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in-person Personalized Couples Intensives

We meet in a connected and safe personalized retreat space in the mountains of Asheville to heal and transform your relationship. Schedule a long weekend to the amazing mountains of WNC to reset a relationship you value. I customize your personalized retreat based on your relationship needs. I utilize intuitive and responsive facilitation, somatic healing to greatly improve connection, personalized assignments, guided mindfulness, and energy healing. Schedule a call with me to discuss your unique needs and to coordinate our schedules. This is a DEEP jumpstart/reset to your love relationship.

Book a couples consultation via Book Now tab.

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I would love to hear about your event, your invitation to speak or present, or what style of consulting you are interested in asking me to do.

Prices vary according to job, and I will always individualize according to your needs. I am not a one-size-fits-all - everything I do is responsive and created for you.

Please send me an email at to introduce yourself and your ideas.

Thank you!

“Professionally, I am a personal development coach and I work primarily with coaches to build their own brands. I know what to look for and how to look at someone’s ‘offering’ with a critical eye. I recognize the real deal when I see it and Sarah is the real deal. The work is structured, researched, validated and effective and her skill set is exactly (if not better) than she presents it to be.

Personally, I experienced Sarah as a unique, compassionate, powerful and gifted woman. In one hour we were able to unpack, unwind and release a very specific energy block in my system that had been plaguing me for a very long time.

She’s thorough in her approach and knows how to access energy through a variety of different methods and then how to sequence the medicine for optimum delivery and integration to the client. I felt incredibly safe, completely contained and held inside of the work. Everything was explained perfectly and performed with a level of embodied integrity that is rare.

I recommend her wholeheartedly, without reservation and I do with both the weight of my professional expertise and personal experience.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, I highly recommend that you do. She has earned both my business and my respect.” - J.E.