Exclusively for Women

“When I found Sarah, it was about a month after I had experienced a spiritual awakening, a midlife unraveling. At the time I was truly disconnected from my body, so much so that I didn’t consciously feel bodily sensations; I was fearful of being my full self, scared that I was too much; I was cutoff from my intuition and my inner knowing; I was unable to emotionally re-regulate after downward spirals of unpleasant feelings; I was so out of balance, and was missing my femininity without even realizing it; I was holding traumatic experiences in my body in ways I was not aware of; and I was living a life mis-aligned with my highest self.

By working with Sarah, in her unique ways, I am in the process of shifting all of this, of being aligned with love, bringing my whole self to my life, being gloriously too much, reconnecting with my body and my sensuality, and being clear of my path and standing in my truth on this journey. I didn’t know what I was looking for—a spiritual guide, a reiki healer, a soul whisperer—but Sarah has been all of this and more.” 

You’re existing, but you’re not thriving.

You’re achieving, but you’re not Satisfied.

You’re following the rules, but haven’t been winning.

Often, when I ask a woman what she wants, she doesn’t actually know how to answer. If the world would open it’s arms to you and say, “Woman! What do you desire?,” would you know?

Often, the heart is aching for something, or something feels to be missing, and you don’t quite know what it is. You feel like you left something back there somewhere.

A part of yourself. Perhaps the most important part.

Often, women are so covered up in the day to day and in doing what you think you have to do to really prioritize:



Your personal truth

Your life force energy


a clear vision of the future you’re calling in.

I work with innately POWERFUL women. I work with entrepreneurs and change makers, business owners & leaders, mothers and jugglers. I work with women who are accustomed to getting it done, but who are absolutely dissatisfied with where all the progress & performance, rule-following and hustling have gotten them.

Because it’s been lacking a truly feminine connection to your authentic self, and it hasn’t honored your Soul.

You are not crazy for wanting something else, something more. You are not sick for not wanting to play the game anymore. You are not crazy for being absolutely dissatisfied with the status quo.

Because the game you’ve been playing was not set up for women to ever win. You claim your life when you decide.

Here’s a little secret, lean in.

You, my love, are your own revolution.

LET’S GET STARTED. I’ve got you.

You can lay claim to your own life.