I see you, dear one.


I see that there is a story behind your eyes. 

You push yourself so hard, continuously asking yourself, "Was that good enough?"

I see your desire to change your path, your story, your feelings of inadequacy, your relationships, your life, and your fears.

Have you ever imagined how it might feel  to unburden yourself of “not enough” and rise into your best self?

I help you navigate the space between where you are, and where you want to be. I help you to navigate the space between you and those you long to be closer to, between your current situation and your desires, between your old self and your new self. Between feelings of inadequacy and feelings of wholeness. Between satisfactory and your soul's calling.

It's big. This place you want to go.

Take a deep breath — I’ve got you. When you know that you are ready, I am here to safely see you through your personal or relationship transformation.


Hi. I'm Sarah. I am a professional encourager, deep listener, intuitive, leader, change-maker, badass, soul seeker and bridge builder. I am trauma-informed, trained in mindfulness, and have spent my adult life in service to authenticity, love, and improving the human condition. I also have two Master's degrees, but truly, that's not the most important part.

I remembered and reclaimed myself on a life-long soul journey, and that's a journey so worthy that I'm here to sit with you as you take the next important and brave steps for your own journey. Together, we navigate.

Where DO you want to go?

It is not only possible that you feel better than you do right now, it is possible for you to listen to the truth of your soul. I will encourage that with any level of loving ferocity it requires. It is the work of a lifetime, to honor one's own soul. This part of your journey is critical.

There are traumas to overcome, a relationship to cultivate with yourself that potentially has been previously difficult to grasp, and connection that you crave but haven’t yet experienced. We work first at the level of the nervous system and the body’s energetic patterns in order to discover and heal the ways in which you feel separated from the life you desire - from the soul’s realization that you desire. Then, we heal. We incorporate mindset, desires, and more.

The soul is calling. It is our duty, each of us, to answer.

Embodied Breath is my offering. It is a process and also the work of my heart, offered here to you. The Embodied Breath is a conscious lifestyle, a somatic integration, the coming-home we find in gentle awareness.

Your interest in working with me is really your dedication to your own growth, your own progress, your own healing and empowerment.

When you say “yes” to yourself, your life changes. I'm here when you are ready.  

If you think you might be ready, great! Let’s start with your free 30-minute discovery call.


"Thank you for starting me on the journey of healing my faith in myself." -testimonial


Hi. You know what I love more than anything else? The nitty gritty. The real deal. 

Here it is. Embodied Breath is all of me, here to serve YOU. Because I couldn't possibly take all the nitty gritty I've discovered through this life and not pay it forward. Please. Allow me to lighten your load. 

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Hiring a coach is about your commitment to yourself. When you're ready to feel differently on a daily basis, stop your patterns, get vulnerable in a safe space (oh it feels so good!) - that's when the magic happens. I LOVE watching that magic in my clients. 
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