This Moment

In this moment, we are likely just fine.

Maybe there are things to think about - surely there are things we could think about - and maybe there is a past or future excitement, disappointment, or distraction, but maybe we can let it go.

Maybe, in this moment, we can find our breath.

In this moment, we can follow the path of that breath, through our nose and into our chest. We can greet that breath with curiosity rather than striving or expecting it to be different. We can explore, with each breath.

Maybe there's an opportunity, in this moment, to discover something about our breath, about our body, that we weren't aware of a moment ago. Maybe we're surprised that our breath doesn't reach our stomach until the fourth or fifth inhale. Maybe we realize how long it's been since we took this type of pause.

In this moment, there are limitless options, and there is also the breath.

When we continue to practice mindful awareness, each moment has the potential to invite curiosity and intention. Each breath has the potential to bring us back to ourselves.