Be the woman they don't know what to do with.

The power of the actualized feminine is, in my experience, is a force that terrifies most men.

Men have been enculturated to believe that they need to wield the power, that they need to know what to do next, that they need to be the ones with the answers. This is terrifying to most men, again, in my experience, because the truth of the matter is that they do not know what to do with the power they’ve inherited, they do not have all of the answers, that this is actually an incredible pressure, and thus far, we do not have many models of acceptance in this society to hold the vulnerability it would require for men to begin admitting this.

This is the true power of the feminine - to hold this masculine energy, to give it an outlet, a sounding board, but to also gently guide and inform the masculine. Where we have gone wrong, again and again, is this very communion - this very node of communication in all of it’s forms.

In our vulnerability, we continually guard and fuck up. Both the feminine and masculine. In our cowardice, we keep ourselves separate. In our pain, we wield hurtful words - which are hurtful because they are masked attempts at maintaining power over. Power-over is an antiquated model of power and the time is up.

The actualized feminine is not loud, she is not dangerous, she is not the woman threatening to take your children away from you. The actualized feminine may or may not be the voice saying “MeToo” - it depends entirely on the way it is uttered. The truth is that the feminine is rising, and the truth of that is that many women are still discovering what it means to find their own voice, which is no fucking surprise given the millennia of shushing that happened. We can really not expect that a woman who has gone through trauma (nearly all) and whose voice has been disempowered (nearly all) would be well practiced and pointed in her early attempts to share her story. So, sidenote, however each woman decided to participate in MeToo or any subsequent practice of using her voice is absolutely and entirely acceptable, as each person’s expression is acceptable. The thing that matters is that we are in the collective process of healing the traumas and finding our individual and collective voice. (This is what I do, why I am here - this is my work with Embodied Breath.)

The actualized feminine is the woman you are drawn to, for her power and her mystery. She does have a voice and she uses it pointedly. Because she is not yelling, it is up to you to listen. Admit that you have no fucking idea what to do with her. Admit that you are both yearning for her and are terrified of her.

Men, the whole damn world is in the same boat right now with this. Start admitting it.

But I will tell you one thing, men. You need her. The floundering I mentioned above. She’s GOT YOU. If you welcome her in.

And women, we need to be her. We all know it in each cell of our bodies. It’s why the Women’s March and MeToo call to us. It is the longing for power, but it’s not a power over. So many are confused about this. We do not want to adopt antiquated, wounded-masculine attempts at power. We want to actualize the feminine, which is a beautiful and powerful force of nature that many in the collective have yet to experience (and hence the fear). In reading this, in joining the conversation, in acquainting yourself deeper and deeper with your true nature - it is happening NOW.

March 2018