The first official day of self employment

It's 7:30 AM on a Monday and I am NOT preparing for the start of a school week for the first time in... 32 years. For 32 years I was student, teacher, student, teacher, student, teacher, principal, teacher school creator. In that order.

Now, Entrepreneurial life. Embodied Breath, soul purpose, and 100% deep connection, authenticity, creativity.

Embodied Breath is mindfulness-based one on one coaching and, yes, school consulting. I have spent my career, really when it comes down to it, teaching the whole child - the hearts, bodies, minds. I work in trauma-informed, innovative, mindful models and any work I do from this point forth in education will be completely aligned with those key main focuses. As a school admin, I will work with other admin (nationally), when they are ready, to shift school culture from the center outward, to empower each student within a sustainable, mindful, soul-nurturing community. Academics, the book stuff, that is actually secondary. If children are stressed, traumatized, behaving from fight or flight patterns, or otherwise distracted (I just described most of today's youth), they are NOT learning in their seats anyway.

And now the mothers - the women. In the past two years specifically, I have learned from women as they sent their children to our residential therapeutic school. I have seen the levels of grief and shame, through these women and others, that we carry as a result of trying to always ensure we are "good enough" for our families. These women helped me to own that I really wanted to redefine my work, as a woman, for women.

I have lived the felt experience of being a woman with trauma response patterns in the body. I have lived the story of not good enough. I have lived the story of striving and eventual collapse with severe adrenal fatigue. And I have seen the other side. I bring this experience to the forefront now as I offer one-on-one women's resiliency coaching as my primary offer. I work with women who are ready to compassionately love their struggle for what it has been, strengthen their innate skills of resiliency, and see the other side.

Embodied Breath is the convergence of all parts of me - personal growth and professional knowing - because **integration** is the key, for all of us. When we value only what we know from books, what we're told to know (school), and when we're evaluated through social hierarchy, we lose our own internal sense of power and intuitive knowing.

It's time to reclaim it as women. It's time to open avenues where our children do not have to be forced to forget only to then spend their lives trying to remember who they are and the true essence of life.

I say that we start with the breath, and then we rise. We start with the breath because we need to bring mindful awareness and nervous system regulation to our present experience. We need this regardless of who we are, because we are citizens of today and today is crazy as shit. We need to know ourselves again - to know our bodies and the information it is providing us, to know our internal landscape, and to hold our own patterns in love and compassion, as we would a weary child. We RISE when we know ourselves, when we've touched the parts we've been avoiding, when we are regulated enough to attempt to **trust** one another again.

I could not be happier to be here. Today, I sit in deep gratitude for this path. Today, I breathe, because: transitions are real and I'm still recalibrating.

How can I help?? It would help me right now to hear from you all. This week, I'm writing and hopping on a podcast and having coffee with friends. I'm gathering the thoughts and meditations and connections. I am hanging the open sign, after eight months of preparation, and ready to show up for the soul of the this work, as a steward, humbled that this is what I get to now do.

Reach out, please. I can't wait to hear from you.

(Feb. 2018)