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You Are the Conscious Masculine: Online Men's Group Coaching

Why this, why now?

You are ready to love yourself.

You've done men's groups with other men.
You still quest to know yourself.
You want to live authentically or courageously.
You want to overcome your fear.
You want more successful relationships.
You want to have a better grip on your impulses & reactivity.
You want to know & take action in alignment with your true purpose.
You keep your true thoughts quiet & want more genuine expression.
You crave authentic & reciprocal love.
You want life to have meaning.
You crave appreciation.
You feel confused and like you can't get it right in the eyes of others.

Modern men are under a lot of stress.

I see you.

Hi, I'm Sarah, and in these times of high volatility between men and women, I seek to be an ally of masculinity and a bridge builder in the space between. And I know that the relationship we have with ourselves is paramount, and I empathize with the common struggles of men, such as shame and pressures to perform, that prevent that authentic self acceptance.

If you are where you want to be, I'm so glad. If you identify with what I've written above and want to do something about it, read on. I have an opportunity for you.

We begin June 19. 12 Weeks. Online.
All the info is in this link:

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