I see you, dear one.


Thank you for coming. Thank you for showing up for You. It is the biggest step you’ll ever take - embracing You and what is important to you.

For so many years, I played by others’ rules - because I thought I had to. Because I’d lost my first child to adoption and thought I had to perpetually have my shit together in order to ever be a mother again or feel whole. And then when I went after the conditions in my life, perpetually, I didn’t find satisfaction. When I followed rules of relationship that were set out before me, I didn’t find authentic connection. As a teacher and principal, I knew all about the proper ways of social interaction and emotional regulation and fostering mindful awareness - but my SOUL still wasn’t on board.

When we follow the rules, we sometimes lose our soul. We think we are inadequate because we don’t feel like we ever reach the place we’re supposed to reach. We find ourselves exhausted and unfulfilled regardless of how much we’ve achieved.

You are not inadequate. Quite the opposite, actually. You are a Sovereign still wearing a disguise, still covering up your power. No shame, my love, we all do it until we don’t.

Hello, I’m Sarah, and I’m interested in helping to establish a new, soul-based paradigm of conscious sovereignty on this planet. I work with couples, individuals, soul-seekers, leaders, and spirited individuals who have never quite fit. All of my clients are hungry for more. For something deeper than the rules of society promote. For actual soul engagement!

I honor your journey, and I work in the now. I have sorted through years and years of personal soul searching as well as tools such as mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, reiki, emotional trainings, leadership practices, coaching methodologies, embodiment practices, intuitive practices, priestess trainings, and more more more to bring to you this work of my Soul. You won’t find this methodology elsewhere, because it’s my own. I serve as a soulful coach, consultant, guide, friend, healer, mentor, and advocate for couples and individuals. Together, we go there - right where we need to go in order to create the authentic liberation you’re hoping to find.

If you’re reading this, you have arrived here for a reason. I look forward to hearing about your story, and what you know inside that you rarely let out, and your vision for where you want to go and how you want to feel when you get there.

You need to know that I work with those who are serious, dedicated, committed to 90 day transformational experiences. My clients have to want their own liberation - because I will support it wholeheartedly, but you have to actually get it. That is Sovereignty and personal power, after all.

My work is ideal for

  • individuals in positions of power and leadership that want to affect change and recognize they need bolstered personal support

  • couples that are surviving but not thriving under old paradigm marriage and who want next-level love and union

  • those that just are not living into their full potential or expression

  • young people who don’t quite fit in but have so much soul fire to offer this planet (seriously - send me your pissed off young adults - I have quite a history with raucous teenagers, having been one and then a 15 year education career!).

Your soul is calling. It is our duty, each of us, to answer. You don’t have to know exactly what it’s saying, or what is on the other side - you just have to show up for yourself. Deeply and earnestly.

Embodied Breath is my offering. A customized, transformative work of my heart, offered here to you. The Embodied Breath is a conscious lifestyle, a somatic integration, the coming-home we find in gentle awareness. It is healing and addresses emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and energetic levels. It raises your consciousness, sense of worth, and robust sense of self.

I’ll see you inside.


"Thank you for starting me on the journey of healing my faith in myself." -testimonial


Hi. You know what I love more than anything else? The nitty gritty. The real deal. 

Here it is. Embodied Breath is all of me, here to serve YOU. Because I couldn't possibly take all the nitty gritty I've discovered through this life and not pay it forward. Please. Allow me to lighten your load. 

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Hiring a coach is about your commitment to yourself. When you're ready to feel differently on a daily basis, stop your patterns, get vulnerable in a safe space (oh it feels so good!) - that's when the magic happens. I LOVE watching that magic in my clients. 
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