I see you, dear one.


You are a divine being with a unique story.

You have lived through circumstances and situation that caused you to shut down to yourself and to one another, and now you are ready to live differently.

You are ready to consciously relate with your true nature & with others.

You want to live in authentic alignment with who you are, and you want authentic connections with others.

You are ready to live with more heart & soul. You want to connect with others from a deeper place.

Yes. This is why I am here to support you.

I believe:

You get to radically embody every facet of your true self without apology.

You get to embody self love and your personal power.

You get to remain in integrity with your divine self and your purpose on earth regardless of external circumstances.

You get to love & be loved.

Hi, I’m Sarah Poet. I’m a Soul Doula, Truth Teller, Modern Healer, & Guide. I provide support for clients who are waking up to the aliveness of their life, and we navigate the ingrained programming and support your integration into your wholeness. We navigate the breakdowns associated with spiritual awakenings, the soul truths, the traumas we hold, the big leaps.

I love supporting your sacred remembering, your unique evolution.

I love supporting the space within each individual, and the space between as we learn to relate more consciously.

This work will raise your consciousness, your sense of self-worth, and robust sense of self. It will bolster your ability to connect with others without disregarding yourself.

All of my work is trauma-sensitive, researched-based, holistic, and heart-felt. I am an energetic practitioner and my work is highly accessible to even those new to this realm of holistic healing.

This is more than coaching, this is embodied, mindful, spiritual, healing, emotional, integrative, empowering work. It is gentle yet will hold you accountable, it is supportive and it will begin to change your life the moment you say Yes.

Embodied Breath is the convergence of energies into the empowering space of the heart. “Embodied” is to honor the body, the earth, the mystery, the feminine, and “Breath” is to honor the spirit, the consciousness, the structures, the masculine. There is much power and potential in this convergence, this union, and that is the philosophy that I carry behind my accessible offerings.

Our work together will allow you to honor who you most authentically are, and it will open you to greater levels of love.

Because, my love, you get to decide how you live this wild and precious life, and I want you to want & receive all of the goodness that your precious life has to offer.

I want you to walk in your authentic voice, your authentic gift, your authentic ability to give & receive love. You want this too, or you wouldn’t be here.

You are unique and the world needs all of you. You are whole. You are worthy of all the love you desire.

I’m glad you have come.


"Thank you, Sarah, for starting me on the journey of healing my faith in myself." -S.G.


Hi. You know what I love more than anything else? The nitty gritty. The real deal. 

Here it is. Embodied Breath is all of me, here to serve YOU. Because I couldn't possibly take all the nitty gritty I've discovered through this life and not pay it forward. Please. Allow me to lighten your load. 

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Hiring a coach is about your commitment to yourself. When you're ready to feel differently on a daily basis, stop your patterns, get vulnerable in a safe space (oh it feels so good!) - that's when the magic happens. I LOVE watching that magic in my clients. 
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