Retreats, Speaking, & Collaborations

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I am a space holder. I design curricula and experiences for people of all ages with growth and soulful integration in mind.  I understand systems and I love to create mindful coherence.

In my events, workshops, and retreats, you will feel seen. I deliver to the heart of each person in the room.

In my events, you will experience insight and gain tools for personal transformation and growth. As a professional educator all those years, growth mindset and emotional introspection were at the core of my approach, which I bring to all of my groups now. As a former special educator, I know that one size does not fit all.

I am a change maker. A motivator. Fierce and loving at the same time.

I am a story teller, I invite others to do the same. I model authenticity, vulnerability, loving presence, grit, accountability, soulful self reflection, integrity, and desire.

Would you like help from me creating the change you wish to see in the world? Schedule a consult with me as a next step.

Keynote & Workshop topics @ Custom Length:

  • Mindfulness in the Modern World

  • Breath, Embodiment, & Trauma Resiliency for All

  • Wholehearted Leadership

  • Adolescents & How to Really Reach Them

  • The Silence of Women

  • How Women Find Our Voices

  • Bridging Connection Through Embodied Relationships

  • Embodied Intimacy

  • The Path of Sacred Remembering as a Path to Awakening

  • Conscious Parenting

  • Incorporating Archetypal Masculine & Feminine in Leadership

  • Men, Shame, & the Path to the Heart

  • The Real Way to Make Impact as a Leader

  • Your Personal Story is Your Empowerment