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I’m the luckiest woman in the world to work with you good people. It is my honor.

“I promise it's SAFE to be vulnerable with her-- I really, really promise. And the juice only comes when you squeeze with the pressure of vulnerability. Being authentically you--which is what Sarah will help you do--is THE way. The only one.”

“I felt drawn to Sarah’s energy immediately.”

“When I found Sarah, it was about a month after I had experienced a spiritual awakening, a midlife unraveling. At the time I was truly disconnected from my body, so much so that I didn't consciously feel bodily sensations; I was fearful of being my full self, scared that I was too much; I was cutoff from my intuition and my inner knowing; I was unable to emotionally re-regulate after downward spirals of unpleasant feelings; I was so out of balance, and was missing my femininity without even realizing it; I was holding traumatic experiences in my body in ways I was not aware of; and I was living a life mis-aligned with my highest self. By working with Sarah, in her unique ways, I am in the process of shifting all of this, of being aligned with love, bringing my whole self to my life, being gloriously too much, reconnecting with my body and my sensuality, and being clear of my path and standing in my truth on this journey. I didn't know what I was looking for--a spiritual guide, a reiki healer, a soul whisperer--but Sarah has been all of this and more.” 

“Sarah continues to help me heal, embrace my shadows and embody my voice and my song. Her words, her example, and her magic, yes I said it, magic - for sometimes feelings and experiences are beyond words and the only word I can think of to describe sacred work sometimes is "magic" - are ushering in a new paradigm of healing the masculine and feminine and helping us all rise together.
If you feel a call, a pull a tug at the heart to explore how you can more fully show up for yourself, your work, your family, your voice - please, take a moment to look into Sarah's work and experience the magic - YOUR magic!”

“Sarah is passionate.  She is engaged.  She is both rational and intuitive.  She is totally professional in her paperwork, documentation, and follow through.  And she helped me and us in a big way.  I have grown more in this 12-week program that I really thought possible.  I am grateful for the experience.  If you can handle being called on your own stuff, and you want to grow as person, then I would encourage anyone to explore working with her.  It might just change your life.”

"I am forever grateful for the support of Sarah Poet. She is showing up with me to face the many personal challenges which come with ‘stepping out.’ Leadership is not an easy road to walk. We all have to face our layers of darkness, before standing fully in the light. Luckily, Sarah has been an important ally and coach during my journey. I highly recommend her for those who are ready to spread their wings."

“She can honor you and call you on your bullshit (and you know you need to be called on it) AT THE SAME TIME.”

"I know I'm opening the doors and walking through them, but I lost my keys a long time ago and I'm pretty sure I would not have found them without you. You've really helped me to see a much bigger and deeper possibility for my time here than I had ever even considered. That's exhilarating and terrifying. And I remain stunned at how different things have been both internally and externally since I started trusting your guidance."

“Working with Sarah is not easy. In fact it's the hardest thing I've ever done. But it's also the most beneficial and rewarding thing I've ever done.”

“THAT is her gift. She translates between the masculine and feminine energies.”

“I was hoping to gain a bit of perspective on the work/life balance of motherhood and running a business (in our session). My expectations were exceeded during our call. I really enjoyed working with Sarah, and I appreciate her perspective, ability to dig into the heart of an issue, and her process of working together to find a solution.”

“I left our meeting with clarity on how I want to move forward with my business and aspects of my personal life.”

"Yes I would recommend your services to women who are going through transitions, or to someone who just wants a deeper experience in self-actualization and mindfulness." 

“(In our work together) I got an outside perspective of my current situation. I was also able to talk through some issues and work through connections I had not previously noticed. I came away from this call with a list of personal mantras and a strong feeling of trust in myself and my capabilities. Together, we identified the source of my issue, and I will definitely use this information in the future. I will continue to use mantras to propel myself in my life and business, trusting I am on the right path for me.”

“I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone interested in starting their own business as well as those who are looking for clarity or insight into their personal struggles with self worth or those looking for guidance because they feel stuck.”

“Mothers in need of a reset or a reevaluation of their lives and the goals and obstacles within them would greatly benefit from Sarah’s coaching style. She has an intuitive energy that lends to her ability to dive into the tough questions in life. I wish all moms knew about this type of support!”

“Thank you, Sarah, for the work you are doing to empower others to achieve their dreams. Thank you for taking the time to offer guidance that helped me see more clearly the spaces within myself that are in need of nourishment. I very much appreciated the mindfulness exercise that revealed those areas that require more of my focus and attention. And thank you for holding that space for me to express all of those things openly.”

"Thank you for starting me on the journey of healing my faith in myself."