Young Women

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The transition into womanhood does not have a roadmap. Often, the map we’re given - go to school, get a degree, make money, find a partner- is both incomplete and dangerously misleading.

We are in a pattern in this culture of women following this map, then waking up to a somewhat tormented reality as an adult.

I help ease that confusion for young women who find themselves already dissatisfied with the choices before them. . I empower young women to live their authenticity, to make decisions for themselves, and to learn to own their womanhood in powerful ways.

If you are feeling as though your options are limited, if you are frustrated with the status quo, if you are pissed at your parents for asking you to take the path they took, if you are thinking that there must be another way - YOU ARE RIGHT.

If you are pissed, you are alive. If you are anxious, you know that the world is a busy place. If you are struggling, it is an indicator to me that you have something to offer and have not yet found what lights you up.

I work with young women, ages 18-24, going through a life transition such as college or readjustment following residential treatment. If you feel unvalidated, are hungry for purpose, and hungry for resources, please contact me now.

Let's get started.

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